Why LLumar Window Tints Are the Best Choice

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Are you ready for a little extra privacy in your vehicle? Want your leather seats and wheel to stop burning you those hot Summer days?

Window tinting is a great choice for your vehicle, no matter if you drive a slick sports car, an off-road truck or your family van or SUV. There are so many benefits to window tints that you may not even realize: protection from harmful UV rays, darkening and cooling of your vehicle, reducing glare, and more. Even if you’re just looking to customize your ride, you will gain the many benefits that window tints have to offer.

At Mobile One Auto Sound of New Orleans, we carry top window tint brand LLumar, and it’s superior to all of the rest for so many reasons. At all three of our Mobile One Auto Sound locations – in Metairie, Gretna and Covington – you’ll find a great selection of LLumar window tints and friendly experts ready to help you with your selection. Here’s why our LLumar window tints are a step above the rest.

Why LLumar Window Tints Are the Best Choice for Your Car

1. LLumar’s manufacturer has been in business for 60+ years and is a global leader.

When you’re wanting to get your car, truck or SUV windows tinted, you want to make sure that you pick a great brand. With LLumar window tints, you can trust that you’ve picked a great product, because Eastman Chemical Company, its manufacturer and parent company, is the leading window film brand worldwide. It’s been in business for over 60 years. In addition, it has one of the world’s biggest and most integrative work sites for our window tints, which serves customers in 100+ countries in the world.

2. LLumar window tints are driven by a focus on high-quality products.

LLumar window tints by Eastman are a top-quality product for not only cars, but also residential and commercial purposes. With the great breadth of knowledge it’s gained by expanding to multiple markets, you know you’re getting the highest quality window tint product on the market.

From the moment the company started in 1920, it’s focus has been on quality. Eastman is known for its innovative, technology-focused solutions and is a respected leader in the industry. It uses superior construction practices, creating durable, scratch resistant, long-lasting window tints that fully comply with international laws and testing standards. You can count on LLumar to create high-quality window tints, and actually see it in the products.

3. LLumar window tints are created to make a difference in your car.

Eastman truly wants to make a difference in your life, whether it’s in your car, home or business, and it creates a wide range of window tints to fit your specific needs and desires. Whether you want a deep tint for a stylish touch or a clear shield that still provides the benefits of protection from harmful UV rays, LLumar has a window tint product for you.

LLumar window tints provide a wide range of benefits, including powerful heat rejection, UV ray protection, scratch resistance, and a bold, edgy look. So no matter what update you’re wanting for your car, LLumar window tints are the right choice.

4. LLumar window tints are manufactured with sustainable practices.

These days, people truly care about what’s behind their products, especially when it comes to minimizing the use of our planet’s resources. Eastman has sustainability as a top priority when manufacturing its LLumar window tints, so you can feel good about putting these products in your vehicle. Eastman knows that the Earth’s resources are finite, even though people’s needs are not, so it makes sure to manufacture its products in a way that minimizes its use of energy and natural resources.

Eastman has been proudly recognized as an ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for 6 straight years (2012-2017), because it strategically manages and improves energy efficiency. Also, Eastman actively participates in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now LEADER program, along with being an EPA/DOE ENERGY STAR® Partner, which helps promote the benefits of ENERGY STAR® and related tools.

5. LLumar window tints come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Eastman stands behind all of its LLumar window tint products with a limited lifetime warranty. When you visit one of our stores in New Orleans to make your LLumar window film choice, we will provide the details on its limited lifetime warranty.

Count on New Orleans’ Mobile One for Help Selecting & Installing LLumar Window Tints

Mobile One is a local authorized dealer of LLumar window tints, and our experts are ready to help you with the selection process, step-by-step, at any of our New Orleans locations.

After you find the perfect LLumar tint for your car, the process isn’t complete. At Mobile One Auto Sound of Metairie, Gretna and Covington, we are happy to take care of your installation, too. We are trained to install your window tint of choice on the interior side of your windows, using adhesives that are activated by water, and we can guarantee a great quality installation on our LLumar window tint products every time. Once we’ve completed your installation, the window tints are pretty much maintenance-free, so you can enjoy them without hassle for years to come.

Get the Best Window Tint Brand in New Orleans at Mobile One

Our window tinting experts will help you pick and install the perfect Llumar window tint at any of our three stores. Call us today, message us online or come into our New Orleans location nearest you to get started!

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