6 Ways You Can Crank Up Your Car Audio

February 19, 2018 | Categories: Car Audio car audio installation Car Stereo In-Dash Receivers Installation 

Tired of listening to the same old speakers that you car came with? Sick of your stereo system that does nothing more than play CD’s and the radio?

If you’re ready to upgrade your car audio system, you’ve come to the right place at Mobile One Auto Sound. From speakers, to amplifiers, receivers, and more, our selection contains the top brands for your budget – no matter if you’re wanting a top-notch audio upgrade or just want to start with a low-cost aftermarket speaker set.

There are many ways you can make your car audio much more enjoyable, and many upgrades you may not even know exist at our stores in Metairie, Gretna & Covington. Here’s how we can help you crank up your car audio at all of our New Orleans locations:

6 Ways to Crank Up Your Car Audio at New Orleans’ Mobile One Auto Sound

1. Stereo Receivers

A new stereo receiver is a great upgrade for your car audio system, especially if you are still running on your car’s factory receiver. Any of the stereo receivers we carry at Mobile One will be a leap above what your car came with. We have stereo receivers for every budget, along with the top brands you can find in the New Orleans area.

Our stereos receivers are the best way to catch up with the times and seamlessly integrate your smartphone into your car audio, as well as an mp3 player. Some of our stereo receivers even come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. They are a stylish touch to any car audio, in addition to being easy-to-use. Whether you want to spend $50 or hundreds of dollars, we’ve got a stereo receiver for your vehicle.

2. Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is equipped to give you access to hundreds of channels at the touch of a button. SiriusXM is a popular choice for a commercial-free satellite radio subscription and is a popular alternative to traditional radio or streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. SiriusXM has hundreds of unique stations that are raved about by its subscribers.

If your vehicle’s car audio system isn’t satellite ready, you can easily get one of our satellite vehicle kit to make it happen. Our satellite vehicle kit includes a satellite tuner and antenna that are installed into your car’s head unit, or receiver, and you can listen to satellite radio whenever you’d like.

3. Speakers

Whether you have low-quality speakers or have busted your current ones, you know how important speakers are to your car audio sound. Aftermarket speakers are one of the best ways to upgrade up your sound, and one of the most popular products that our customers buy. Even some of the cheapest speakers on the market can make a huge difference in the sound of your car audio. You can finally experience crisp, vibrant sound and listen to music on a whole new level with a new set of speakers.

Whether you want to replace all of your speakers or just a few, we have the highest quality options in the New Orleans area. We carry every top brand from Kenwood to Pioneer to Hertz and more. Best of all – you can test out all of the sounds before you buy at any of our Mobile One Auto Sound showrooms in Metairie, Gretna, & Covington, LA.

4. Subwoofers

When you are still listening to music on a factory speaker system, your car audio doesn’t have much bass. If you love hearing the bass of your favorite music, you need to come to Mobile One Auto Sound and check out our selection of subwoofers. Our subwoofers in stock will step up your car audio’s bass like you’ve never had before, and you can hear all of the low notes in your music in a whole new way.

No longer are subwoofers big and boxy, taking up precious cargo room in your ride. We’ve got compact subwoofers that don’t take away any of the quality of a large system, and they use a fraction of the space. Come to Mobile One in Gretna, Covington, or Metairie to see what your music could sound like with a subwoofer upgrade from brands like JL Audio.

5. Amplifiers

Amplifiers are a great way to add more power to your car audio system. Not only do they add more power, they add clearer sounds at a larger range of volume. If your speakers currently sound distorted at high volumes, your car audio could definitely benefit from an amplifier. Get the most out of your current speakers or a new set, if you decide to do so, with the help of an amplifier.

Come test out our amplifiers from great brands like JL Audio at any of our Mobile One locations in Metairie, Gretna, & Covington, LA.

6. GPS Navigation Systems

GPS navigation systems have become very popular over the recent years for upgrades to car audio systems. Whether you want to add a permanent GPS navigation system or one that you can take with you wherever you go, a GPS system is a great choice for an upgrade.

There are benefits to both types of GPS systems. A permanent, or in-dash, GPS navigation system has a few additional bells and whistles to a handheld, like voice recognition, making it a safe choice for navigating. The handheld is great because you can take it wherever you want. They both are superior to typical phone navigations, because they run off of GPS signals, rather than a cell phone tower. That means you can navigate wherever and whenever, without having to worry about losing service.

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