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October 08, 2018 | Categories: Car Audio car audio installation Car Stereo car stereo installation Professional Installation 

Some car buyers cite the brand or look of a car as the main reason why they buy their car. But according to Ipsos, a consumer survey site, up to 50% of car buyers factor a car’s audio system into the purchase of their car. And why would they? There are few things more freeing than cranking up the radio after a hard day of work. What this study doesn’t tell you, however, is that the other half of car buyers are often let down by the audio systems that their cars come with. The car itself could be the top-rated car of the year, with driving features unlike any other on the market, but without a good sound system, it can feel like something is missing from the car.

Luckily, cars are built with the idea that audio systems can (and should) be upgraded after purchase. Picking out the right aftermarket audio system for your car can be hard, however, with the right help, it can make all the difference in how you experience your car. Mobile One Auto Sound has extensive experience in the car audio field and is ready to help you make the audio upgrade your car needs. Here are some of the things we help you consider when making an audio product purchase.

What does your current audio system not do that you would like it to do?

Cars that are fresh off the factory lot often come with basic stereos that don’t do more than play the radio, tell the time, and offer some sort of alternative to listen to your own music, like a CD player or an auxiliary cable hook up. Mobile One Auto Sound offers a variety of system upgrades that can provide features like:

  • The ability to play DVDs for rear passengers
  • Bluetooth technology adoption so that you can make hands-free calls and play audio wirelessly
  • Control an audio device, like an audio player, tablet, or mobile phone without having to look down at the phone while you are driving
  • Play satellite radio stations
  • Play CDs
  • Play audio at different volumes and qualities

While we do have additional product offerings, these are some of the bare-minimum ways that you can take your car’s audio system up a notch.

What type of audio do you listen to?

Believe it or not, the type of audio that comes out of your speakers will make a difference in the type of audio system that you buy. First, it’s important to consider the main goals that you have for your speakers. Are you planning on playing a lot of loud music, or just listening to talk radio and making phone calls over the system? If the latter, there is no need to upgrade your subwoofers or amplifiers, as these are mainly based on the needs of music listeners. Even if you do plan on jamming out on the daily commute or impressing everyone with your music choice, the type of music that you listen to can be best enjoyed with different car stereo upgrades.

10-inch subwoofers are best if you plan on listening to music that doesn’t have heavy bass in it, such as pop music.

12-inch subwoofers are for those seriously invested in their music and are best for music types that focus on low notes between 20 and 200 hertz, like many rock and rap genres.

15-inch subwoofers are great for showy cars, especially if you want passers-by to feel the music that you are playing. If you’ve ever been on the street and experienced a car driving by with loud music, this is generally the type of subwoofer that they have in their car.

For more personalized subwoofers or a subwoofer-amplifier combination, come in to one of our locations today. We can assist you in understanding exactly what type of system would sound best based upon the type of music that you listen to.

Why are you replacing your car’s audio?

For some, audio replacement is out of necessity. Even in the best-maintained cars, speakers eventually give out and provide poor quality sound. This is because most factory speakers are not the selling points of the cars and may not be built with the highest-quality material. Signs that your car speakers need replacing include distorted audio, rumbling throughout the car, sounds over familiar songs that are generally not there, and crackling coming from the speakers themselves. If simple replacement is your upgrade motivation, Mobile One Auto Sound can help pick out replacement audio devices that work with your needs, personality, and budget.

If your car is noisy, for show reasons or otherwise, you might be hoping to purchase a louder audio system that works for your commute. Or, perhaps you are unimpressed with the way that your car stereo sounds in comparison with a home audio device. Regardless of your reasons, we offer amplifiers and other volume-enhancers that make driving in noisy conditions or amplification of your favorite record a breeze.

What is your budget?

Possibly the most critical part of an upgrade, most car owners have budgets for their audio system upgrades. That’s a normal part of the audio upgrade consideration, and it is something that Mobile One Auto Sound takes seriously in their effort to help you with your stereo situation. Consultations with our staff help you understand exactly what you need based on your preferences, and factor in the cost of audio upgrade installation as well as the cost of the system. We never try to sell you parts you don’t want or need – our goal is to get you closer to the car of your dreams with our quality car audio products.

These are only some of the things that Mobile One Auto Sound suggests that you consider prior to purchasing a new audio system. We realize that most of our customers are not audio experts, and that is why we are here to help. To schedule an audio upgrade, or to find out how you could elevate your driving experience with custom audio enhancements, contact us or visit us at one of our stores in Metairie, Covington, or Gretna.