Frequently Asked Questions About Window Tint

December 17, 2018 | Categories: window tint window tinting 

If you want to get your windows tinted, you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of car owners get their windows tinted after purchasing a car. By our estimates, these numbers would be higher if more people were aware of the basics of this aftermarket car option. Myth and mystery revolve around the window tinting trade, from doubts about its legality to questions of its effectiveness. But simple, honest answers to these questions will show window tinting is actually one of the best alterations you can make to your car after its purchase, granted it is done right.

From interest about the process to questions about your state laws on tinting percentage, here are some of the most frequently asked questions Mobile One Auto Sound gets about window tinting.

What is Window Tinting?

There are two types of window tinting services - film application and glass pigmentation. Pigmentation is generally done in factories, as it requires a physical coloring of the glass. This process is highly technical, involving knowledge of state and local laws as well as knowledge about glass tempering and tinting.

Film application is also highly technical but requires less work than tempering glass. Tinting done by professionals involves the application of a UV-blocking film on the interior of your automobile’s windows. This is done in the span of a few hours and then left to set for at least 48 hours.

How is Window Tint Applied?

A certified technician, like the ones at Mobile One Auto Sound, will receive your car’s measurements, make, and model and will order the film or cut the film to fit the dimensions of your car and the legal limits of your state. Before application, a technician will go over the different tints with you and will help you decide the tint you want.

Before application of the film, the interior of your windows will be washed with professional cleaning products and dried accordingly. Then, once the windows are clean and the film is sized to fit your windows, it will be applied and air bubbles smoothed out for a flat, professional finished.

How Long does the Tinting Process Take Place?

Applying the film does not take more than a few hours. However, the setting process takes a few days. During that time, the customer is not advised to roll their window down. Additionally, they might notice streaking. This is normal and should go away by the end of the setting period. It does not initially indicate the film was applied improperly. However, if the client notices discoloration, streaks, or bubbles a week after receiving their car back, they should contact Mobile One Auto Sound. We guarantee your satisfaction and will strive to right any issues with window tint should they arise.

What do I Need to Do Once I Get My Car Back?

Your technician will supply you with details for further care, but in most cases, customers need only forego rolling down the windows and exercise caution in using direct defrost options on window tints. Additionally, windows should not be cleaned, and for those with children, extra caution should be taken to ensure they do not unintentionally damage the windows while they set. Setting firm rules and helping them understand why they must follow these rules is a great way to keep them from touching the windows while they set if their transportation in the car cannot be avoided.

What are the Safety Benefits of Window Tint?

There are many safety benefits to having window tint. To start, tinted windows add an extra layer of privacy to back windows in particular, which keeps kids safe from passers-by and help keep valuables stored in the back seat hidden better. For those with children, the UV blocking benefits of window tint keeps seat belt buckles and leather seats from heating up and causing discomfort and (at worst) burns. Finally, although window tint will not stop a window from breaking, its sturdy nature usually keeps people safer in the event of a car accident by preventing shattered glass from entering the car.

What are the Cosmetic Benefits of Window Tint?

Window tint makes a car look much hipper, but that’s not the only cosmetic benefit. Because it blocks out UV light, it also prevents the interior from fading due to sun damage. Additionally, cracks in leather seats are lessened because of the better temperature control of window tint.

What are the Financial Benefits of Window Tint?

Window tint can be a hefty investment up front, but in the long run, it can drastically reduce the amount you pay for other car services. A lower interior temperature caused by UV ray blockage allows for less gas consumption during the summer, as the car has to strain less to keep the interior cool. Additionally, leather seats and faded interiors happen much less frequently, which negates the need to replace interiors or buy seat covers.

Is Window Tinting Legal?

It is a common misconception that window tinting breaches any laws. Verified window tint technicians, like the ones at Mobile One Auto Sound, understand state and local laws regarding the percentage of window tints allowed on the front, side, and rear windows. A good dealer also knows the differences between sedans and SUVs or Vans. In Louisiana, sedans may have a nonreflective tint on the top five inches of their windshield, side front windows must allow more than 40% of light in, back side windows must allow more than 25% of light in, and the rear window must allow more than 12% of light in. For SUV’s, the same laws must be followed for the windshield and front side windows, but any darkness of tint may be used for the back side windows and the rear window. Based on that knowledge, we help you make a legal and informed decision on how much you tint your windows.

Mobile One Auto Sound’s window tinting technicians have successfully installed thousands of window tints and are the right team to get your vehicle ready for the hot Louisiana summers that are just around the bend. For pricing information, contact us or stop into one of our three locations. Our Metairie store can be reached at (504) 454-5104 or in-person at 3000 Clearview Parkway. Our Covington store may be reached at (985) 809-0172 or in-person at 1620 North Highway 190. Finally, our Gretna store may be reached at (504) 366-1127 or at 516 Westbank Expressway. Please visit our main site for specific store hours.