How to Tell if Your Car Speakers are Blown

February 18, 2019 | Categories: Audio Car Audio car audio installation Car Stereo car stereo installation 

As your top mobile electronics and accessories provider, our team at Mobile One Auto Sound prides itself in serving the greater New Orleans metro area through our products, service and tips. From car audio, new car stereo, and car stereo installationto all other forms of vehicle entertainment accessories, we work hard to serve the Metairie, Gretna and Covington, Louisiana areas with the best possible quality and service. For over 30 years, we have been a respected leader in the mobile electronic market through our service and products and have been focused on customer service since the beginning. And in that time, we have seen a lot of damaged stereos and blown speakers.

But how do you know if a speaker is blown and needs to be replaced?

Step One: Turn the car on and find some music

Find a song you know really well and play it through the stereo. It helps to pick something you know well so that you can easily identify if something seems a bit strange or off in the music. Another idea is to find something with a clear bass line that is also familiar.

Step Two: Tweak the knobs

First, turn up the volume so you can hear the music. Quiet music can make it difficult to identify the distorted sound of a blown speaker. But don’t turn it up too loud because you do not want to damage a perfectly fine speaker or your ear drum! Adjust the treble and the bass so that their levels are equal.

Step Three: Listen

This is a key step. You need to listen to the song and try to identify whether there are crackles or if the song is muffled or distorted. In most cases, you will hear a cracking, especially if you are listening to a heavy bass line.

Step Four: Isolation

Once you have identified a crackling in your audio and stereo system, you will now be able to identify specifically which speaker (or speakers) are blown and need replacement. Some cars can have over ten speakers throughout so to avoid going to each and every one and putting your ear to it, use the knobs and controls to fade in and out of each speaker starting with the front of the car working your way to the back. While doing this, it is important to completely fade to the intended speaker, isolating noise just to that spot.

Now that you have identified what speaker is blown, let us take a look at why it happened. Typically, speakers are fragile. They are made of durable yet fragile material that can be affected by a mechanical failure and hit with too much power, essentially melting or burning internal components that control the speaker’s sound and performance. So, if you listen to music too loudly or the levels increase suddenly or for too long, the speaker has a good chance of blowing out. Other causes why speakers fail can be attributed to age, poor quality in the speaker material or faulty wiring.

Most of the time, speakers fail because they are fed more power than they can handle and they fry. The excess power literally burns the wires inside a piece of the speaker called the voice coil. But volume is not the only way to damage a speaker. Poor installation and design can lead to a whole audio system malfunctioning or worse. This can also lead to physical damage to the speaker due to poor handling.

For Mobile One Auto Sound in Louisiana, we pride ourselves on having and training a professional staff who can not only identify issues with car accessories, but fix the problem with a quality and lasting solution. Many factors play a role in installing car speakers and car stereo systems. Our audio technicians understand how important it is to get the right sound. Our mission as the leading stereo installer in Louisiana is to do the job right the first time, everytime. We are committed to providing excellent service to all of our customers regardless of the size of the job.

Have blown speakers and looking to explore your options for a new stereo system and installation in the New Orleansarea? Mobile One Auto Sound provides the highest quality speaker system options. But how do you know what to look for? We will break it down to a few of the broader items to consider when replacing those blown out speakers in your car.

Power and sensitivity both explore how much of your car’s power is being sent to the audio system and the degrees of how much sound a speaker can handle once connected. For example, stock stereo systems, the ones that typically come on a new car, are low-powered that should be paired with high sensitivity speakers.

Types of speakers are also important. Have you thought about getting more bass out of those songs you listen to? Subwoofers provide a way to produce low musical notes which add bass to the audio stereo system. Tweeters on the other hand, provide the listener with a more refined sound giving it a snappier, brighter sound than the bass in a subwoofer. Want to get more specific? Our pivoting tweeter speakers allow you to aim your speakers much like the air vent in your vehicle.

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