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Mobile One Auto Sound has served the greater New Orleans area since opening our doors in 1983. For nearly 35 years, we have worked hard to provide mobile accessories and electronics to customers throughout Metairie, Gretna and Covington, Louisiana through high quality products and service. Our customers are made up of people within our communities, from our families to our friends. Beyond audio and stereo services we also offer tint installation.

But why would anyone want to have their car windows tinted? First, let us discuss the levels of tinting. Each level of window tinting provides a degree of benefit. And each level is what we provide to our customers in the greater New Orleans area. Not only does tinting windows on your vehicle have benefits, but you are able to decide to what degree and level you would like to have your vehicle tinted and what level of protection you are looking to have.

Types of Window Tint


This is the first layer of tinted windows we offer at Mobile One Auto Sound. It is good quality and holds the basic benefits of window tint including privacy, UV protection and moderate heat control.


This level offers enhanced driving comfort and is guaranteed against fading or color change along with providing privacy, UV protection and good heat control. This level of tinting along with the remaining levels also come with a limited lifetime warranty.


Uses metalized technology to reflect solar heat and provide excellent heat control. Guaranteed against fading or color change and will last the life of your vehicle.


Advanced nano-ceramic technology offering cooler and a more comfortable driving experience. The M4 tint has the highest infrared and heat rejection possible and can help reduce internal vehicle temperature by nearly 40ºF.


This tint is optically clear, but with all the benefits of the M4 level window tint.

So why have your windows tinted?

Protect yourself and your family

Window tinting provides your vehicle the ability to block up to 99% of all cancer-causing UVA and UVB rays that we are exposed to daily, even in our cars. Especially in the summer months, we forget that the sun can cause damage to us and our passengers, even while in the vehicle. Not only does tinting your vehicle’s windows help prevent and protect from dangerous UV light, it also provides a way to keep your vehicle cooler on those hot days by reflecting the sun’s heat.

Protects your car windows

Tinting car windows from our experienced and professional teams throughout the greater New Orleans metro area can greatly reduce the chances of glass shattering in the event of an accident. The window glass can often stay attached to the window tint film. However, the tint does not add to the structural integrity of the glass.

Reduce interior fading and aging

Tinting your car window professionally with Mobile One Auto Sound’s team of professionals is one way to protect your investment because tinted windows block the harsh UV and sun’s rays from fading the interior leather or upholstery. Not only that, it can prevent the interior from warping or cracking due to too much sun exposure.

Privacy and Security

An often overlooked but highly valuable benefit to having your windows tinted is having an added layer of privacy and security in your vehicle. Untinted vehicles often have direct line of sight into the vehicle with little privacy for the driver or passengers. Likewise, if you leave valuables or possessions in an untinted window, it is much easier to see clearly and quickly what the object is.

Tinting the windows in your vehicle can mean protection. Protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun, protection from shattering glass in the event of an accident, protection of being robbed or having your car vandalized in an attempt to get at something in plain sight left in the vehicle. There are countless factors why our team of experts at Mobile One Auto Sound in the greater New Orleans metro area suggests having the windows on your vehicles tinted.

If you are ready to make that move to have your windows tinted, give us a call today! Since 1983, we have served our friends, families and the greater New Orleans community through our quality products and high-quality customer service. We pride ourselves on our quality jobs and will correct any installation-caused problems free of charge. Additionally, much of our work and products come with a warranty, sometimes for life. Three of our locations in Metairie, Gretna and Covington, Louisiana offer window tinting products from tinting brand LLumar. The tinting film is known for quality, color stability as well as being durable under countless conditions experienced by a vehicle. Our professional team of window tint installers get the job done right the first time and offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our products and services. Whether you drive a coup, a sedan, an SUV, or a jeep, we are ready to help you reach the tint level that best suits your needs and your lifestyle. M4 level of tint too much? We will show you what the varying degrees and levels look like to help you decide the best option for you and your vehicle.

If you are in the New Orleans metro area and locations including Metairie, Gretna, Covington, Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. Tammany Parish, and New Orleans, including Kenner, River Ridge, Elmwood, Harahan, Terrytown, Harvey, Marrero, Madisonville, and Abita Springs, give our team a call today to book your appointment.

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