Remote Starters are Cool in the New Orleans Summer Heat

August 01, 2018 | Categories: Choosing a Remote Start Installation Remote Start 

Did you know that temperatures inside a parked car on a sunny day can increase by 40 degrees in just one hour? This means that on a 70-degree day, the internal car temperature can quickly reach 110 degrees. Summer temperatures in New Orleans and the surrounding metro areas often reach up into the 90s, which means parked cars all over the city have internal temperatures of somewhere close to 130 degrees. This not only makes it very uncomfortable to get into the car after leaving it parked for several hours, it also makes it extremely dangerous for young children and pets whose bodies don’t cool as effectively as adults’ do, and who don’t have the ability to get themselves out of a hot car if necessary.

It’s never safe to leave children or pets inside a closed car, but when summer weather strikes, you do have an option for cooling down the interior temperature of the car before you get in. Aftermarket remote start systems can be installed in nearly any car on the road by experienced professionals. If your car doesn’t have a remote starter, it may be time to consider installing one.

How does it Work?

Remote start systems work off of radio waves. A receiver is installed in the car and connected to the car’s ignition system, which then picks up the signal sent by a remote transmitter, usually a key fob, although many of today’s systems also work via a smartphone app. This causes the car’s engine to turn over without the physical presence of a driver or a key. The car remains locked as the engine idles, so there’s no need to worry about theft. For safety reasons, you will need to manually start your car once you unlock it and get in. Many remote start systems also operate in reverse; when the car is running, receipt of the radio signal from the remote turns the engine off if you’ve changed your mind about going out. Again, the car remains locked.

What are the Benefits?

Here are a few advantages to adding a remote start system to your vehicle.

Lower interior temperature. Controlling the interior temperature of the car is the benefit most people think of in the heat of summer. By starting the car remotely and letting it run even for a few minutes with the air conditioner set on a medium-level setting, you can lower the temperature inside the car by several degrees before you get in. Although it seems counterintuitive, don’t set the A/C on the Max setting because that causes the air inside the car to recirculate; and since the interior of the car is hotter than the air outside, the car takes longer to cool down because it has farther to go to reach a comfortable temperature. Setting the A/C at a mid-range setting allows the system to pull air in from outside. Since the outside air is cooler than the air inside the car - even if it’s 90 degrees out - the interior of the car cools off more quickly. If your key fob also allows you to open the car’s windows remotely, do so. This allows hot air to escape and helps in the cooling process.

Better for the engine. Some mechanics claim that letting a car’s engine run for a few minutes before driving off is better for the car’s engine. It allows the engine to warm up and get the lubricants flowing. However, newer cars with fuel injection systems run well in most weather without idle time. On frigid winter days, letting the engine idle for a few minutes may help extend the life of the engine, and a remote start system is perfect for this application. Talk with your mechanic about this issue if you are wondering what’s best for your car.

Added convenience and security. Many remote start systems come with advanced features that are helpful to have. For example, some systems cause the parking lights to flash, so you know the remote start was successful. Higher-end systems may add advanced security features or include temperature sensors that monitor the internal temperature of the car and start it remotely when the internal temperature reaches a previously programmed setting. Some systems even allow you to start your car through a smartphone app from anywhere in the world.

Improved resale value. Installing a remote start system in your car boosts your car’s resale value if you decide to sell it. It’s a feature that many people find desirable, and one that gives you bargaining power with a dealer if you’re looking to trade your car in. It also commands a higher price when selling the car yourself than a similar model without remote start features would.

Impress your friends. Okay, admit it. It’s kind of a power trip when your coworkers see you start your car from the office window on a hot day. You’ll find yourself being volunteered to drive everyone to lunch on a regular basis, and you’ll be happy to do so, because your car will be substantially cooler than anyone else’s by the time you get to the parking lot.

DIY or Pay a Professional?

Remote start systems can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer, but professional remote start installation is a better option. Since systems may operate differently depending on the type of car you drive, professional installation is a good investment. If you drive an older car with a carburetor, this is especially important. You may need an additional adapter kit to get it to function correctly. Newer cars with anti-theft systems can also be cantankerous when it comes to remote starters because theft deterrent equipment occasionally interferes with the radio frequency. And for those who still drive cars with manual transmissions, remote start installation definitely needs to be done by a professional who knows how to wire around these issues so that your remote starter works perfectly every time.

Mobile One Auto Sound has a wide selection of remote start systems and offers remote start installation for every vehicle. With three locations in the New Orleans metro area (Gretna, Metairie, and Covington), they’ve been serving the surrounding areas of Kenner, River Ridge, Elmwood, Harahan, Terrytown, Harvey, Marrero, Madisonville, and Abita Springs; as well as Jefferson, St. Bernard, and St. Tammany Parishes, for over 25 years. If you’re tired of burning your hands on a hot steering wheel, stop in and talk with the pros at Mobile One Auto Sound about remote start installation for your car.