The Complete Guide to Choosing Window Tint

January 31, 2019 | Categories: Installation Professional Installation window tint window tinting 

Deciding to tint your windows requires a lot of forethought. Considerations about cost, look, time and other factors must be made before jumping in and upgrading your windows. A good installation company will help customers with their decisions by providing them with standard options, great rates, and quality installation jobs the first time around.

Mobile One Auto Sound in Gretna, Metairie, and Covington answers all questions before installation, but we realize that there are some basics about choosing window tint that most customers like to know about before they purchase a window tint package. Here are some of the basics about choosing window tint for those in the New Orleans area.

Why Get Window Tint?

Before you choose to tint your windows, think about the reasons why you want to tint them. Are you interested in the cosmetic appeal? Do you live in an area where car safety is a concern? Are you looking for ways to increase your safety in the event of an accident? Perhaps you’ve just moved to Louisiana and are concerned about the coming summer - that heat can take a beating on your car’s preservation. All of these concerns are valid.

Window tinting does make an impact on your car’s overall safety. Although it does not prevent the window from breaking in the event of an impact (or attempted car theft), it does prevent glass from entering the vehicle and makes it harder to break into. Additionally, it keeps leather seats and interiors cooler, which makes it safer for you, children, and pets while you are on the road.

Window tinting can enhance the cosmetic appeal and aftermarket value of a car, making it both look nicer and sell for more when it comes time to sell your car.

Window tinting can reduce interior damage by protecting leather and fabric seats from sun damage. Because the sun can be scorching in Louisiana, window tinting can save consumers thousands when it comes to protecting interiors.

Window tinting ultimately saves energy and money by keeping the interior of the car cooler, therefore asking less of your air conditioner and engine itself.

How to Choose Tint Based on Laws

When you ask the average person what they know about aftermarket window tint, chances are one of the first things they will ask is whether or not window tinting is legal. It’s true that most states have tint limits, but that should not stop those interested in window tinting from buying them. Louisiana’s requirements are as follows:

  • Sedans: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 6 inches (the manufacturer’s AS-1 Line) of the windshield. Front side windows must not be more than 60% tinted, back side windows must not be more than 75% tinted, and rear windshield tint must not be more than 12% tinted. Sedans must not have reflective front or back windshields, but front side and back side windows may be up to 80% reflective.
  • SUVs, Vans, and Trucks: Tint regulations are the same as sedans for the front windshield and front side windows. However, for the back side windows and rear windshield, any tint may be used on SUVs, trucks, or vans. Tint reflection laws are the same as for a sedan.

How to Choose Tint Based on Preference

Once legalities are out of the way, your tint installer will help you figure out which tint is right for your preferences. Among the most common types of tint include:

  • Carbon Films: Certain types of tint, especially metallic, can interfere with GPS signals. This means that drivers can be left without cell service or navigational signal, which can cause prolonged safety issues. Carbon film is made with its namesake mineral and does not block these necessary.
  • Coated Tint: Because this is an extensive process, it is hard to get anyone outside of a dealership to apply this type of tint. Mainly, it involves layering stain onto your windows to tint the glass itself. This type of tint is often sought out by those who want an ultra-durable option that looks flawless and withstands the test of time. However, coated tint takes many days to apply, as it requires drying and reapplication time, and it often looks similar to film tint.
  • Infrared Films: Ever get the feeling that your skin is being burned when you are driving? This is based on the presence of infrared rays from the sun. Infrared films not only help control the temperature of the car, but they help with that feeling.
  • Metallic Films: These film types are aesthetically pleasing, providing a shine on the outside. They also help to block light from the sun, keeping the car and its occupants cooler.

How to Get Your Windows Tinted

Many car enthusiasts and amateur car collectors do their car tints themselves. If you’re interested in this hobby, chances are likely you’ve seen DIY articles and youtube videos that go into great depth about doing your own window tint. Your car means your decision about window tint, but Mobile One strongly encourages car owners not only to not do window tints yourself but to do ample research regarding the institution you choose to install your window tint. Choose a car tint installation company with a good reputation and rates rather than doing it yourself or taking any shortcuts. Ultimately, this will save you money.

Why Choose Mobile One Auto Sound for Your Window Tinting Needs?

So, you have a car and want to make changes to it. We understand that. Factory models almost never meet individual consumer needs, even if the consumer is head-over-heels with their car. But most car enthusiasts do not have the skills needed to do everything to their car, and even those who do often do not understand legal issues revolving around tints. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we go over local and state law to ensure you are not breaking any window tinting regulations and therefore spending more money on changing regulation-breaking tinting after installation. We only work with quality material, and our window tint installers have the knowledge to do the installation correctly the first time. Lastly, we guarantee satisfaction with our window tint jobs - something that not all shops or DIY projects offer.

If you live in the greater New Orleans area, stop by one of our many locations. Call our Metairie store at (504) 454-5104, our Gretna store at (504) 366-1127, or our Covington store at (985) 809-0172 to schedule an appointment.