The Perks of Having In-Dash Navigation

August 13, 2018 | Categories: In-Dash Navigation In-Dash Receivers Professional Installation 

Back in the “olden days,” the days before 1980 which is when GPS technology was made available by the government for civilian use, folks traveled to unknown places by using maps. These maps were often purchased from a corner gas station and when unfurled, became a road hazard due to their unwieldy size. They had an amazing propensity to crease up or fold over in the exact spot your passenger needed to see, rendering highway names illegible. Crinkling paper and flailing arms made the whole process challenging and dangerous - and that’s if you had a friend helping you out. Reading a map by yourself in the car was impossible while driving; it was much safer to pull over first. Ah, the good old days!

Luckily for all of us, someone invented in-dash navigation systems. They’re a much safer alternative to the road map, and they include so much more useful information than a map ever did. In-dash navigation systems make getting from point A to point B a snap. If you’re considering in-dash navigation installation but haven’t quite made up your mind, take a look at some of these perks.

In-Dash Navigation - Better than a Smartphone

Smartphones are so prevalent these days that it seems nearly everyone has one. Many people use their smartphones to navigate when heading out to places unknown, and that works well until you reach a spot where there’s no cell service. Then your map goes offline. Suddenly you’re driving down an unfamiliar road with no guidance. You could easily drive around lost for hours as you try to suck a stray cell signal out of the air to get your bearings. If you have in-dash navigation, you’re unaffected by the lack of cell service; you’ll continue moving merrily along the correct path, en route to your destination. In-dash navigation systems rely on satellite signals rather than cell towers, so you’ll maintain the ability to get where you’re going in even the remotest areas. GPS satellites can track you with laser accuracy, so your path may wander, but you’ll never be lost.

In-dash systems have other benefits over smartphones. With an in-dash system, you don’t have to worry about draining your cell phone battery; and in-dash navigation systems have much larger, clearer displays which make it easy to see where you’re going. This means road trips are safer; you no longer have to glance down at your phone parked in the cup holder to view the map and see your next turn. Having the ability to keep your eyes on the road is a huge plus. Approximately nine people die from accidents associated with distracted driving each day in the United States. You don’t want to be one of them.

Audio Capabilities and Voice Commands

Because in-dash navigation systems often are designed to be an important component of your car’s audio system, they have sound quality that’s far superior to a smartphone. It’s much easier to hear directions from an in-dash system over the car’s engine or other road noise. Also, the navigation system pauses your music when it gives you instructions. This allows you to clearly hear the next step in your journey - a feature that’s often missing when using a smartphone to navigate. Your in-dash navigation system can hear you better, too. The technology is designed to be interactive, allowing you to operate it with voice commands rather than fiddling with knobs and dials. Once you learn the voice commands associated with your system, you’ll hardly ever have to let go of the steering wheel - another plus when it comes to safety.

Integrated Entertainment, Information and More

A fully integrated in-dash navigation system can do much more for you than just provide directions to the nearest Starbucks. An integrated navigation system allows you to connect to applications such as music streaming, audiobooks, satellite radio, Bluetooth, streaming video and more, turning your car into a rolling entertainment center. GPS utilities help you find the nearest gas station, avoid construction areas, or get real-time traffic reports. Some systems even integrate with a DVD system, allowing your guests to sit back and enjoy their favorite movie as you chauffeur them around.

Save the Data

Installing an in-dash navigation system in your car also saves precious minutes on your smartphone’s data plan. Because you’re not using your phone to navigate, you don’t have to worry about using up your monthly allotment of minutes. Save those minutes for gaming and watching YouTube videos instead.

Increased Resale Value

While many new cars roll off the line with a factory-installed navigation system already in place, there are still many cars on the road today without such technology. If you should decide to sell your car or trade it in after your in-dash navigation installation, chances are good that you’ll be able to get a better price in the deal. Many people consider this feature a must-have rather than a luxury.

Professional In-Dash Installation for Your System

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