Vehicle Addition Basics: What is Remote Start and Why You Should Consider It

October 22, 2018 | Categories: Choosing a Remote Start Professional Installation Push To Start Remote Start 

Winter is on its way, and for many of the people who live in the United States, winter means a grueling morning ritual that can involve digging your car out of a few inches of snow, snapping on chains, and defrosting the windshield so that driving conditions are suitable enough for you to get to your job. Pair that with the fact that it is scientifically harder to get out of bed in the winter because of later sunrises and colder temperatures and you’ve got a reason to start out the morning on a bad foot.

In cases like these, a remote start on a car can come in handy. This aftermarket addition can make getting out of bed in the morning that much easier. But there are more benefits to remote starts for vehicles than just heating a car in the winter. Here is a little bit more about the popular addition and some reasons why it might make sense to add to your vehicle.

What is Remote Start?

A remote start system is a radio-controlled device that works in tandem with the computer module in your car. Those with remote start options for their vehicle have a remote control, often attached to a keychain for easier access, with buttons that allow it to start and for the temperature to be controlled. The amount of time the car is left running before the person gets in is predetermined, and especially for mornings where it is especially hot or cold out but with no extra tasks to do, this can save the time it takes to walk out to a vehicle, turn it on, and walk back in and finish your routine before leaving for work (or otherwise).

Once the person is ready to leave, most cars have a “takeover” procedure in which entering the key into the ignition simply overtakes the remote start system, leaving the vehicle running but now drivable as soon as the key has turned in the ignition. Certain types of cars, and most often those with manual transmission, might have a few security steps that need to be taken before remote start can actually be successfully installed.

Despite what rumors you might see on the internet, there is no reason that you could not get a remote start based on your warranty if you own the car outright. There are laws that prevent the consumer from having their warranties voided if they add on aftermarket parts. However, if you are leasing a vehicle, it is best to check with your lessee to determine if this breaches the terms of your lease.


The benefits of remote starters in colder climates almost go without saying, especially since the original remote starters, including this earlier model, were all created in chilly Canada. However, there are far more reasons why adding a remote start to a car is beneficial.

Preparing the car during hot weather. Nothing is worse than having leather seats during the summer and having to get into a hot car. As uncomfortable as it is to get into any automobile on a hot day, national hospital records show that it is very likely that you can get first to second-degree burns from seat belt buckles, door handles, and vinyl seating. Starting your vehicle remotely and controlling the temperature inside gives it time to cool down, so no one gets hurt when they enter, especially children.

Keeping the pets cool. Good pet owners know to leave their pets home when they can not stay in safe temperatures in a car. However, juggling the time to take Fido to the dog park, bring him back home where he can be in safe temperatures, and running back out to do errands can be time-consuming. Remote starts allow you to control the temperature of your car while you run errands, which gives you the option of bringing your pet along to the store or where ever you might need to go and safely locking the vehicle at the same time. This is especially handy for those on road trips with their beloved pets.

Keeping the kids cool. Safety aside, if you have little ones you know that even the slightest inconvenience can spell disaster for them. If you pick a kid up from daycare who is on the verge of a breakdown and force them into a hot car, chances are you’re in for a long, tearful ride home. Maintaining your kids’ comfort is crucial to your own, and let’s face it – there’s not a parent out there who wants to deal with a hot car and a screaming child all at once.

Keeping tabs on your car when you’re not in it. Many remote starters are equipped with GPS systems, which makes more sense than you think. Advanced car starter technology allows you to hook your vehicle’s starter up with your phone, which allows easier monitoring of your its location. When might this be a good thing to have? If you’re the parent of a teenager, keeping a watchful eye on a friend (per request) as they embark on a road trip, or monitoring the use of your car while it is in the shop. This feature can help keep you (and your automobile) safe.

Advanced security. Going along with the former point, remote starters also can enhance the security of your car. With features like two-way verification that your doors are locked, it is possible to check up on the security of your vehicle while also keeping it cool or warm.

Choosing the best system for your car is not something that should be done alone. The right installation team, like the folks at Mobile One Auto Sound, can help you decide what type of remote start system is best for your car and provide you with estimates on how much installation might cost. If you live in Georgia, stop by one of our locations in Metairie, Gretna, or Covington for a quote or for service today. Alternately, you can reach us at 504-454-5104 or