Why Choose Professional Car Audio Installation?

December 10, 2018 | Categories: Car Audio car audio installation Car Stereo car stereo installation Professional Installation 

The number of DIY projects in the United States hit an all-time high in 2017. For crafts, food-growing, and other small hobbies, this culture has saved money and enhanced personal touches on food, gifts, and events. However, DIY culture has also spread to larger projects. This news was verified after a Home Depot study found that 70% of homeowners are also DIY-ers, and the highest proportion of DIY-ers, namely Millennials, are also expected to dominate the housing market in the next few years. This means that big fixes, like plumbing, roofing, flooring, electrical, and home insulation will most likely see a rise in “Do-it-yourself” fixes. But not everything is meant to be done by amateurs and hobbyists, and the work often shows itself in quality.

DIY auto enthusiasts are also increasing, and while there are many professional-quality DIYers out there, at Mobile One we have seen many amateur attempts gone wrong. The problems with failed amateur attempts are plentiful. And while bad installation practices might cost less up front, they ultimately end up costing more when they need to be replaced sooner and end up destroying elements around them. Don’t take this the wrong way - We’re not trying to bash auto enthusiasts or the rising DIY-oriented population, and we don’t believe that all DIY car audio projects are destined for failure. But when it comes to car audio installation, it is best to make it professional.

Here are our top four reasons we recommend professional car audio installation and how our service compares.

1. We understand what “the right sound” means and how it differs from vehicle to vehicle.

Perfect car audio is not limited to a specific sound system. Many factors go into determining the right audio for your car, including the year, the dimensions, and type of car. Any audiophile will know that more than just a good sound system goes into perfect acoustics. The interior of a car, the size of the car, and its capabilities will all impact the quality of the sound. The audio technicians at Mobile One Auto Sound understand all these different factors and not only go over them with you when you seek our installation help but make sure they reach you in the final product.

2. We offer warranties on our products and services.

A perk of DIY jobs is that the experienced DIY-er can cut costs fairly drastically to save money up-front. Through utilizing reviews and reading up on different types of audio systems, it is possible to save a substantial amount of money doing the job yourself. However, one of the ways that many DIYers cut costs is through buying products with no warranties or limited warranties on them. At first glance, you can save hundreds to thousands of dollars by doing this. But warranties are there for a reason, and if you buy a thousand dollar product with no warranty and it breaks down, you are out that thousand dollars you invested in the first place.

All our products and services come with a warranty, so if you find your audio system is no longer working, or there are problems with it, we will remedy those problems as an included part of our service.

3. If you mess up your car’s audio system while installing it yourself, you could permanently be without audio.

Often, an electrical mess-up can be a big mess. As well as being potentially dangerous, miswiring can cause shorts that can completely decimate an audio system. If you need a highly technical system installed and are not familiar with the wiring of that system, it is best to save that job for someone who knows what they are doing. Failure to do so could result in the need for a completely new system.

4. Ultimately, our services save you money.

You might save money initially with a DIY audio installation, but in the long-run, are you really saving all that much? Many non-professional installation jobs can end in car tragedy that takes professionals to fix. Additionally, products sold online aren’t always the quality they are advertised as. Save yourself the hassle of having your work corrected or buying an untrustworthy brand. Mobile One Auto Sound provides the services and products that turn car audio experience from run-of-the-mill to extraordinary. Our technicians save you the trouble by installing your audio system right the first time, and we only use products from trusted brands.

Finally, even if you put money into the best brands and products, the chances that you’ll be able to install the car audio system in the shortened amount of time that an audio technician can is pretty slim. DIY projects are usually not the first and most important things in people’s lives, which means there is a learning curve. Time spent reading and watching tutorials on how to complete a job is time that could have been better spent somewhere else. Turning to an expert saves you time -- which ultimately equates to saving you money.

Is your car audio lacking? You’re not alone. Each year, nearly 18,000 minutes are spent in a car by every car-owning American. Having the wrong system, crackling speakers, or poor audio quality can turn that time into a drag. Mobile One Auto Sound in Metairie, Covington, and Gretna have been in the audio installation business for years and are committed to providing our customers with superior audio installation services. To get started with a car audio installation consultation, stop by or contact one of our stores. We look forward to helping you take the next step toward better car audio quality.

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