Factory Integration - Upgrade Car Audio

Factory Integration - Upgrade Car Audio

Factory Integration

Upgrading Sound Quality of Your Factory-Installed Audio System

The sound quality that a driver experiences in his or her automobile can make a huge difference in the quality of the drive. Sure, the sound is not going to make the car go faster, or make the ride smoother, or even make the miles per gallon suddenly improve, but it can make the difference between just riding in a car and loving the ride.

The sound quality that usually comes from the factory-installed system on a new car is generally adequate, but not special. It won’t make the driver feel as though they are in the middle of a rock concert, singing along with their favorite band. It won’t allow the car to substitute for a speaker system just by rolling the windows down or popping open the trunk at a beach or block party. These are qualities that require a little bit of an upgrade, and these upgrades can be done by our professionals very easily.

However, the thought of ripping open the dashboard of a car and replacing the stereo is a daunting and troublesome idea for many drivers, and this holds them back. But, what many drivers don’t realize is that taking out the factory stereo really is not that important. Sure, it can make some difference due to a new stereo having more precise settings, but most drivers will never even use those options.

There are many upgrades that can be made to enhance an automobile’s sound experience without even touching the dashboard head unit. The most important of these upgrades are an amplifier to boost the sound, subwoofers to enhance the power of the bass, and new speakers to improve overall sound quality and to allow a higher volume of sound without any distortion.


The amplifier is arguably the most important upgrade that a driver can make to their sound experience. Most drivers interested in sound upgrades generally want to be able to really blast their music and feel the power of the speakers without having to hear a lot of garbled noise and distortion. This is what an amplifier can do. The more watts the amplifier has, the more potential power it can put out. There is little reason to replace a factory headset stereo in the first when the car doesn't even have an amplifier upgrade.

Most drivers will find that with this simple upgrade their entire driving experience changes due to the improved sound quality. The amplifier is the backbone of your sound experience. It takes the sound signal from the stereo unit and makes it louder and more powerful. It can take a weak signal sent by the factory radio and turn it into a great big signal.

All automobiles generally come with an amplifier already, but they are too weak to create the nice, big, clear, and sound that most people wish to experience when listening to music while driving. The amplifier is also going to be the booster that powers the subwoofer upgrade and allows any speaker upgrades to really shine. Without the amplifier, any upgrades are going to be very small and not make the kind of impact that most drivers would hope for.

A good amplifier is a great upgrade that allows for huge increases in the quality and the power of the sound, without having to ever touch the dashboard.


Subwoofers can change a song that sounds good, to a song that sounds amazing. The clean and smooth bass levels that can be achieved by adding subwoofers to an automobile is something that really needs to be experienced to truly understand.

A good subwoofer makes the sound come to life. It will vibrate through a driver’s entire body. It can make the hair on the back of people’s next stand up and pay attention immediately. The boom created by a good subwoofer truly changes the entire driving experience. The boom can be set low to allow for a more comfortable yet engrossing experience, or it can be set high to blow the passenger's hair back and give everyone in the car the ride of their life.

The experience from a subwoofer is one that just cannot be simulated by a factory stereo system. The difference is night and day. When paired with a good amplifier, the music will sound as if the band just set up in the trunk of the car and started to play a set just for the people inside. The subwoofer is another incredible upgrade that can be made to any automobile without having to make any changes to the factory radio.

New Speakers

Taking out the old factory speakers and upgrading to new higher quality speakers is one of the easiest and fastest ways to upgrade the sound quality of a car. This generally consists of a new woofer, a new tweeter, and a new crossover. This is an inexpensive way for a driver that wants to experience the difference that sound upgrades can make to jump in and get a taste of it.

To truly get the most out a new speaker set, an amplifier and subwoofer are must-haves, however, the new speakers can do a lot just on their own. Most factory speakers are full range, which means the speaker has only one driver that has to produce all the sound coming through it. This has the advantage of being very cheap and small, but the tradeoff is in the sound quality. Upgrading the factory speakers to speakers that have multiple drivers to handle the sound makes a remarkable difference in the sound quality.

Automobile owners looking to upgrade their sound experience while driving their cars have many options available to them without ever having to touch the factory stereo. The only considerations that need to be made are the matters of the driver’s budget, and preference to the kind of sound power they want to have at their disposal. Upgrading the quality and power of the sound in a vehicle can turn an everyday drive into an exciting experience.