In-Dash Navigation & GPS Systems

In-Dash Navigation & GPS Systems

New Orleans’ Top GPS Navigation Systems, Head Units & Receivers

Ready to move your vehicle into the 21st century? Your car can jump to a whole new level of technology and integration, for an affordable price, with the addition of a top-notch GPS navigation system or a fully-integrative head unit or receiver.

For over 25 years, Mobile One Auto Sound has been helping customers around the New Orleans area take their cars to the next level with the top mobile electronics and accessories. We have a great selection of in-dash GPS navigation systems and fully integrative head units and receivers for every need and budget.

Whether you want to make a small, budget-friendly upgrade or you want to get the top in-dash technology on the market for your vehicle, our staff is ready to help. We’ll not only assist in choosing best fit for your needs, but we will also install it on-site, at one of our stores in Metairie, Gretna or Covington. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we are your one-stop-shop for top-quality auto technology and accessories.

Your Source for High-Quality GPS Navigation Systems

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GPS navigation is one of the most commonly-used features in cars today, and there are really two different types of GPS navigation systems: portable and in-dash. Portable GPS navigation systems are placed in the vehicle whenever and wherever the you want, and you can remove them very easily, at any time. In-dash GPS navigation systems are permanently fixed in a position in your car’s head unit. Each of these provide different benefits.

Portable GPS navigation systems have the benefit of being very mobile, but some may come with a few less bells and whistles that in-dash GPS navigation systems provide. With portable GPS navigation systems, however, you can take them with you in any vehicle and get the benefits of satellite accuracy, no matter who’s car you’re traveling in. Some portable GPS navigation systems will save locations but won’t work by voice command, like an in-dash, fixed GPS navigation system.

The most up-to-date, in-dash GPS navigation system typically outperforms any mobile GPS unit that exists on today's market, with more functions and a better response time. Many in-dash GPS navigation systems also include cameras for the front and rear of the vehicle, for aid in reversing and parking, which you won’t find in a mobile unit. In-dash GPS units are really advanced in many cases, with powerful computers inside of them.

GPS navigation systems, in general, are a great addition to your vehicle. They can save you time and money on gas by directing you to the shortest route of travel, and they help you avoid traffic and reroute you when there is construction or other detours. GPS navigation systems will always be able to track where you are with pinpoint accuracy, so you won’t ever get lost. Whether you’re in the market for a portable or in-dash GPS navigation system, we’re here to help you choose the right one for you.

Why Not Navigate from My Phone?

In almost all countries, the operation of mobile devices when driving is not just unsafe, but illegal. The distraction of using a mobile phone when driving costs lives.

With information presented in a fixed location on a sizable display that never alters position, like in our in-dash GPS navigation systems, you have a more acceptable approach to checking directions. Once you’ve mastered the use of voice controls and learned to trust the voice cues of your navigation system, you won’t even need to look at the unit anymore.

With both portable and in-dash GPS navigation systems, you will never ever have a problem receiving a signal. Even if your 4G device receives no service, GPS navigation systems not rely upon an internet source or web connection to find their way. Instead, they utilizes satellite positioning, helping you find your way no matter where you are.

Your New Orleans Head Unit and In-Dash Receiver Provider

Selecting and installing a fully integrative in-dash head unit or receiver is the cheapest and most efficient way to upgrade your experience in your vehicle. Even after all of the developments and advancements over the years, most cars’ head units, when they come off the factory floor, have poor features and terrible audio quality, especially when compared to aftermarket products.

An aftermarket receiver or head unit will give you an entirely new exciting experience in-car, permitting you to interface your smartphones and other devices with the vehicle itself. The list of additional features that these devices support goes on and on: DVD players, Bluetooth, GPS navigational utilities, music streaming applications, satellite radio, streaming video, and more.

We have a huge selection of the best in-dash head units and receivers for every budget at our three Mobile One stores in New Orleans, and our friendly professionals can help you tailor your choice to your needs. For example, if you drive a lot with your kids or other passengers, you can easily get a GPS navigation system, combined with a DVD video system, to entertain your guests every single ride. If you are more interested in a single-driver, hands-free system, you may want Bluetooth capabilities, advanced GPS navigation, and crystal-clear satellite radio.

Integrating Your Smartphone with Your Car

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Modern technology has reshaped current society to the degree that today’s generation simply cannot exist without remaining connected, and why should you have to unplug when you get into your car?

Establishing a connection from your mobile gadgets has become easier than ever, enabling you to send a text, make a call, listen to songs of your choice, navigate apps or tune into internet radio stations in your car — all without having to touch your phone. In-dash GPS navigation systems are becoming more and more like entertainment systems now. We have systems available that can be used to manage media files, play movies, and even surf the internet.

At Mobile One Auto Sound in Metairie, Gretna and Covington, we have the best equipment you will find in New Orleans to manage your smart devices from your head unit or through the use of voice commands, keeping your attention on the road and hands on the wheel at all times.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

Choosing a head unit with support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay ensures you have the best experience when pairing your car with your devices. Each of these highly-acclaimed interfaces allows you to control with your voice. With push-button activation on the steering column or through saying the phrase “Ok Google” or “Hey Siri”, anything you can command with your voice will be provided. When you’re driving, it’s much safer to use vocal directions, instead of fumbling through app menus.

With Google or Apple assistance, you’ll know all the gas stations and areas to shop nearby, so you’ll never run out of fuel or travel an unrecognized route. Also, you can make reservations for dinner, dictate some notes, or check on the latest news, all easily and safely done while you are on the road with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

Get Your In-Dash Technology Installed Here

As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable mobile electronics installers in the New Orleans area, Mobile One Auto Sound will take top care to install your car’s new in-dash technology. It’s a quick and easy process, performed on-site at our store in Metairie, Gretna or Covington, and we’ll take great care of you every step of the way.

Once we have installed your technology, your car will not only have newly updated electronics for you and your family to enjoy, but you’ll also have an increased value on it, if you are ever wanting to sell it.

Financing Options Available

Mobile One Auto Sound of New Orleans proudly offers flexible payment options to all of our customers, with no credit needed. The No Credit Needed Leasing program that we offer is through Progressive, and it is perfect for customers who haven’t established any credit yet or have had a few bumps and bruises. Learn more here.

Mobile One also offers our M.E.S.A. Money Credit Cards, which can include zero-down financing for up to 18 months. Learn more here & apply now!

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