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Mobile One Auto Sound Services

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we strive to provide the customer with as many accessory car options as we possibly can.

Whether the vehicle is an automobile, a watercraft, or even a specialty vehicle, we have professionals on hand and ready to give our customers the best installation in the business, ensuring that the first installation is the last installation.

From our car audio accessories such as smartphone integration and GPS installation to window tint and clear bra installation, our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all car accessory needs.

Audio and Visual Accessories

Our car audio and accessories department is extensive and covers all needs that a customer might have.

We offer smartphone and iPod integration so that our customers can drive safely on the road without having to play with their phones and other portable devices. Integration allows for hands-free operation of all portable devices. This option is absolutely essential for teenage drivers.

We can also upgrade the sound on your car and create a concert experience every time you listen to music. Upgrading subwoofers, speakers, and amplifiers will create a brand new experience of listening enjoyment.

GPS navigation installation is a breeze for our professional installers. Customers never need to worry about getting lost on the road again with our easy-to-use and highly intuitive navigation accessories.

For our customers that enjoy playing movies to entertain passengers while driving, we offer state of the art in-dash, flip down, and even headrest DVD player installations to create a full movie-going experience from the seat of the car. This option is a must have for drivers with young children.

For our customers that prefer the entertainment provided by the radio, we also offer both HD and satellite radio installations to give every option available when deciding what station to listen to during travels.

Car Security

Sound and entertainment are great, but what good are they if the customer can't feel secure about their vehicle? People can't be too careful these days, and that's why we offer state-of-the-art car security.

Our car alarm installations provide fast and convenient protection from car theft. These can be installed with or without our new state-of-the-art remote start systems. Remote start systems allow the customer to start the car from a distance, allowing quick for a quick departure when the situation arises. Adding the keyless entry feature to this makes it even more efficient. A customer can literally get in the car and drive away within seconds. These options can all be installed separately or together, and can even be installed with access to all features from a smartphone.

In the case the car is stolen, our GPS tracking installation will make sure that the owner of the car knows exactly where the car is at all times. This makes retrieval of the car a much more likely possibility than with a car without the GPS tracking.

Marine and Specialty Vehicles

Accessories installation isn't only an option for the average everyday vehicle. Here at Mobile One Auto Sound, we handle installations on marine and specialty vehicles too! Whether it is an RV, a motorcycle, an ATV, or any other specialty vehicle, our professional installers are more than ready to give our customers an upgrade. From the typical stereo and head unit installation to marine tower speakers to turn that next fishing trip into a fishing party, we can do it all. Speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, satellite radio, and even smartphone integration are a breeze.

Window Tint and Clear Bra

Here at Mobile One Auto Sound, we don't just specialize in interior accessories for our customer's vehicles; we specialize on the outside as well. Our specialists are on hand to offer window tint treatment, clear bra installation, and glass cleaning solutions.

There are many reasons to put tint on an automobile. Aesthetically, it looks very nice, but beyond that, it can go a long way in ensuring the safety and privacy of the people inside the vehicle. As far as safety goes, window tinting does a lot more than just stop the glare from causing potential accidents on the road.

Harmful UV rays from the sun cause skin cancer and can also damage the interior of a vehicle when exposed for long periods of time. Window tinting can prevent damage to a vehicle and protect the people inside from damage to their skin all at the same time. It can also reduce the heat inside the car by up to 70 percent, which can be vital for drivers living in or traveling through warm climates.

Another extra positive when it comes to window tinting is that it actually helps to prevent window shattering should an accident occur. Getting an automobile tinted is a protection on the investment that a person has made on their vehicle. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we offer 5 different grades of tint, from M1 to M5. Our professionals are standing by to help our customers choose the best tint grade for their automobile and to help them stay cool and safe under the sun.

Clear Bra
Clear Bra paint protection is a great idea for any vehicle. Clear bra paint protects the paint on the front of the vehicle from chips and dents from any debris or rocks that may find their way to the area while operating the vehicle. It is very common for all vehicles that small pieces of debris will eventually begin to chip away at the paint on the front of the vehicle, causing unsightly blemishes. A clear bra will ensure that the customer's vehicle maintains the same luster and shine on the bumper that it had when it was purchased. At Mobile One Auto Sound, our clear bra installations are fast, efficient, and affordable.

Glass Cleaning Solutions

Our glass cleaning solutions can get any stain or grime out of any glass. Our professionals have plenty of experience making old and dirty glass look as good as brand new. We look forward to showing you just how beautiful your vehicle's glass can become.