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5 Ways to Upgrade Your Car Audio in New Orleans

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Ready to hit the streets of New Orleans and let your vehicle sing but do not quite have the system chops to do it? Our team at Mobile One Auto Sound has three locations throughout the greater New Orleans area to help get you on your way to audio heaven. The first step is knowing what you want in an audio system and communicating that with our experienced team. We will guide you every step of the way through the selection and installation process of your new car audio system. From upgrading your stock stereo system, to an all-out renovation of the interior audio experience in your vehicle, pick one of our three locations throughout Gretna, Covington, and Metairie and see what our team can do. For over two decades, we have been serving the greater New Orleans region with professional car audio installation and we are just heating up.

Having a basic understanding of what you are looking for helps our team identify solutions for your car audio problems. It will help you make an informed decision and articulate what you are looking for from our team when you leave the shop. Our team at Mobile One Auto Sound is ready, willing and able to work with you regardless of your level of knowledge. One aspect of the audio upgrading process is knowing your budget, so come prepared knowing what you would like to spend and what you are and are not willing to spend. This knowledge is a huge piece of any project because it will help guide your interests and know when to walk away. While some people replace their vehicle’s audio out of necessity, we often see people ready for an upgrade to keep up with an ever-changing access to technology.

Crank it up with power

From your head unit to your amps and everything in between, there is more to a vehicle's audio system than simply the speakers. Adding power to your vehicle’s audio system is a key step (and an often overlooked one) in upgrading your overall audio system. But when you add power, you have to make sure that your current components can handle the additional boost. Sometimes stock vehicles come with speakers and audio gear that is just waiting for that extra power to reach their full potential. Other times, adding even a slight amount of additional power can be catastrophic for your entire audio system. The teams at our three Mobile One Auto Sound locations have the experience and know-how to recognize and test your current audio system, and are ready to point you in the right direction towards the best vehicle upgrade options to match any budget.


Trends hitting the auto industry are continually popping up on the market. Whether good trends that last and change the way things are done, or passing trends that get swept up in the waves of incoming technological advances, these car audio trends can be tough (and expensive) to chase. Having a dedicated team on your side from Mobile One Auto Sound when you need them means having experienced professionals in the New Orleans area to help with vehicle audio systems every step of the way. Taking the overall car stereo system to a micro level, accessories can sometimes make or break the experience. One example of a small but increasingly necessary accessory is to have a bluetooth ready head unit. Bluetooth is a trend that has been on the market for years and, so far, is here to stay. It is an accessory which not only allows you to sync music from your smartphone to play throughout your vehicle, it also promotes safe, hands-free driving.

Seamless control

CarPlay and Android Auto are just two ways in which auto manufacturers and third-party accessories are changing the car audio and user experience. By upgrading your vehicle’s audio system and integrating your phone to be one with your vehicle, you enhance not only your safety, but you enhance the experience of driving as a whole. From music syncing to navigation to answering phone calls all by your voice, driving has never been safer and your vehicle has never been so connected. Whether it is the Apple-based CarPlay or the Android Auto, both systems integrated into your vehicle use a cloud-based way to operate. What that means is that storage space on your device or vehicle is low and software and usability upgrades happen automatically. What’s better? Gone are the days of the add-ons and additional monthly charges because these upgrades use existing data plans from your cell phone provider.

By building your credit

No credit is needed to get you started on your way to an upgraded car audio system today. Whether you have a ding on your credit from a financial hiccup or you have not yet established a credit history, Mobile One Auto Sound of the greater New Orleans metro area work to help you not only get the vehicle upgrade you are looking for, but we do so by helping you repair damaged credit. Our flexible payment options also include a Money Credit Card option with zero-down for up to 18 months. Upgrading your vehicle with a reliable team, building your credit, and walking away with a stereo system you love with satisfaction guaranteed is a win, win, win! Customizing a vehicle does not and should not have to cost you strain on your finances, and our team at Mobile One Auto Sound know that best.

With the best team around

Whether you are ready for a full audio system transformation or you are looking to upgrade your car audio system over time, creating a plan of attack is the way we operate at Mobile One Auto Sound. With the best audio team around the New Orleans area, our experienced staff works with you from start to finish identifying exactly what you want your vehicle to look like and sound like at the budget you set. Working with the same crew allows us to formulate a relationship to understand your needs in order to fulfill your expectations. So if you are ready to transform that interior sound system with upgraded components, speakers, amps, woofers, and accessories, Mobile One Auto Sound is the best place to start and finish a project.

For over 25 years, Mobile One Auto Sound has served audio installation services to the greater New Orleans area from our three locations in Covington, Metairie, and Gretna. Our mission is to get it done right the first time every time and we are committed to providing the best quality in service. Follow us on our Facebook page or over on Instagram to keep up with the latest and greatest in Louisiana audio service installation.

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