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Top 5 Benefits of Window Tinting

Get Professional Window Tint Installation near Metairie, Louisiana

Window tint is a popular way to change the look and feel of your vehicle, but it’s also a very practical thing to do as well. A car audio store or auto shop like Mobile One that installs professional window tinting can walk you through the correct percentage level of tint for your vehicle or area, and with the proper tint, you’ll reap the many benefits of installing it.

A safe level of tinted window film is one of the most affordable ways to protect the investment you have in your vehicle.

Benefit 1: Window Tinting Reduces UV Radiation and Heat

Tinting provides an extra layer of window film that acts as protection from harmful sun rays, much like your sunglasses protect your eyes. UVA and UVB rays are ultraviolet light that makes its way down to Earth’s surface and causes sunburns and even skin cancers. As we drive, we may not think to wear sunscreen to protect our (or our family’s) skin -- evident from the research that shows a majority of skin cancers are formed on the left side of the body. Auto window tinting can help to add that extra layer of protection when we’re at our most vulnerable. Studies show different results, but most agree that the appropriate layer of window tint can block 96 percent of harmful UV rays from entering the car; some studies say up to 99 percent.

Here in the Metairie, Covington and Gretna, Louisiana area, the heat can be brutal. And getting everyone in the vehicle feeling comfortable with these high summer temperatures is always a struggle. Window tint can actually help balance the temperature of your car by deflecting the solar heat by 35 to 65 percent. That means, when some areas of the car are getting hot, but the air conditioning isn’t reaching all the seats evenly, the window film will help to deflect heat overall and help the car cool more easily. Not only does this put less stress on your car’s air conditioning system, but it also helps your car function more efficiently and use less fuel.

Benefit 2: Professional Window Tinting in Gretna Reduces Glare

Glare control is based on lowering the amount of light that is able to pass through glass. Glare from the sun, snow, or oncoming headlights can be driving safety hazards. Glare causes a driver to have low visibility, which can quickly cause an accident.

Window film is especially effective for those with light sensitivity. Typically, you rely on your car visor, sunglasses, and even your hand to manage difficult lighting, but getting professional window tinting can take care of that issue for you. Reducing glare will both increase the comfort of your daily drive and keep you safe from unintended distractions and blind spots.

Benefit 3: Tinted Windows in Covington Enhance Privacy and Security

Safety and security are paramount in your home, and should be in your vehicle as well. With window tint, the line of sight to the possessions inside of your vehicle is blocked better than a typical un-tinted window can. A casual passerby will have a harder time catching a glimpse of the bag or electronic device that you left lying on the seat of your car. Or, if you’ve invested in some new audio equipment from our car audio store, you may want to protect your stereo, car speakers, accessories, or other installed entertainment.

While it is possible to see through the car window film, a thief would have to get up close to the car and window to scope out your belongings. Shielding your belongings with a protective window tint could protect you from theft, as well as broken windows. Window tint also makes it more difficult for a thief to break a window. With professional window tint installation, you can leave your car parked with peace of mind.

Benefit 4: Professional Window Tinting Lowers the Risk of Glass Shatter

Adding a top-quality film layer of window tint to your car windows can actually help protect not only your belongings, but also protect you from glass shatter in case of an accident.

Shattered glass is one of the main causes of injury in car accidents. In an accident, the air bag can help soften bumping your head against your steering wheel or windshield, but if your windshield or side windows shatter, the glass would be thrown about your car or truck, resulting in serious cuts and gashes to you or any passengers.

The layer of film helps keep the pieces of glass all in one place, or “stuck together” when shattered, rather than allowing it to scatter about the vehicle and against your skin.

Benefit 5: UV Window Tint Prevents Fading of the Car’s Interior

Buying a vehicle is a big investment, and you probably want to make it last as long as you can and keep it in the best condition possible! The sun’s harmful UV rays will fade and damage the interior upholstery or discolor the leather and vinyl of the inside of your car over time -- like when you leave red patio furniture out in the sun too long, it fades to pink!

These damaging rays could even cause some interior finishes to peel with too much exposure, including your dashboard and leather seats. Getting professional window tinting is a great way to protect your investment.

Where to Find Professional Installation of Window Tint in Metairie

While the level of window tint can vary based on your preferences, our experts at Mobile One can help you choose the percentage of opacity that’s right for you and your vehicle needs.

With the many benefits of professionally installed window film, you, your passengers, and your vehicle will be safer both on and off the highway. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it can improve the look of your car as well!

Our expert team will make sure that your window tint gets installed without bubbles and is cut to the correct size of your window -- making it look like it rolled out of the factory that way.

We care about your vehicle as much as you do, and the proof is in the quality of our work. Contact our team in Metairie, Louisiana or our locations in Covington or Gretna for a custom quote today.

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