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Marine sound goes high-end.

You will find our speakers in the world's finest boats... and in the best sounding ones, too!

To build the world's finest marine speakers, all materials, assemblies and completed systems are tested using advanced salt-fog and UV test equipment, which simulate years of exposure to the elements. JL Audio's environmental longevity standards far exceed typical industry standards to ensure years of consistent performance in your boat.

Engineering, environmental testing, and assembly all take place in our Miramar, Florida facility, ensuring consistent process control and component part quality.

That's why more and more boat builders and refitters are recommending JL Audio marine speakers.

Specifically engineered for marine and powersports applications, each model is outfitted with a variety of tuner and connectivity options, plus multi-zone level controls, for maximum listening flexibility and convenience.


Source Unit

Louder, cleaner and way more fun!
MVi: Maxed.
MHD: All in.
XDM: Pure excellence.



JL Audio's marine speakers offer unequaled sound quality and durability in the marine environment.
M6: Lit.
M3: Play better.



This subwoofer system is precisely tuned to deliver outstanding quality sub-bass response in an open-air boat installation. Loaded inside, is JL Audio M6 10-inch subwoofer for maximum-performance.


Enclosed Subwoofers

A solid bass foundation is essential to a great marine audio system!
M7: Massive.
M6: Maximum performance.
M3: High-Performance



JL Audio ETXv3 is the ultimate tower speaker system, delivering superb sound quality, with strong projected output that can be heard well beyond the boat.


Enclosed Speakers

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