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Are your speakers sounding old? Maybe you’ve blown out one or two, and you can’t stand to go another minute listening to scratchy music in your car. Or maybe you’re just sick of the old factory speakers that your vehicle came with, and you’re ready to upgrade to a high-quality set that blows your mind every time you ride in your car.

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Are your speakers sounding old? Maybe you’ve blown out one or two, and you can’t stand to go another minute listening to scratchy music in your car. Or maybe you’re just sick of the old factory speakers that your vehicle came with, and you’re ready to upgrade to a high-quality set that blows your mind every time you ride in your car.

Customizing your car audio system is simple at Mobile One Auto Sound in Gretna, Covington and Metairie. You don’t have to spend a whole lot to get high-quality sound in your vehicle. You can easily replace your car’s audio system one part at a time, starting with the factory installed speakers. They are typically low quality, and any upgrade will make a huge difference in your sound quality.

Whether your budget is $50 and you’re wanting to only replace your front speakers, or you’re ready to purchase a whole new speaker set, Mobile One Auto Sound has great range of options for you. On top of that, we’re happy to install them for you.

Car Audio Speakers Offered at New Orleans’ Mobile One Auto Sound


Full-Range and Component Speakers


If you want the highest quality sound, component speakers are a great choice. Component speakers are designed to put out the best quality audio possible. An average component sound system consists of split subwoofers, tweeters, and even external crossovers.
Full-range speakers are budget-friendly and contain everything that a speaker requires. They are linear, with a woofer and tweeter mounted together, and some full-range speakers come with super tweeters and additional drivers. Full-range speakers are a great choice for replacing factory installed speakers at a small cost.



Car audio systems, like the ones at Mobile One Auto Sound in Gretna, Covington and Metairie, come both low-powered and high-powered. It’s important to know which system you are working with, before you choose your speakers.
Low-powered audio systems don’t utilize a lot of your car’s power, so they are best combined with speakers that don’t use a lot of energy. High-powered audio systems are best paired with speakers that can handle a great amount of power. High-powered amplifiers, for example, provide a truly impressive sound, both in volume and quality.



Car speakers differ in their degree of sound sensitivity, which is the measure of how much sound a speaker can yield via its connected power source. Factory stereo systems and other similar, low-powered car stereos should be paired with a high sensitivity speakers. High-powered stereos, on the other hand, can be combined with speakers offering low levels of sensitivity that are still able to provide excellent sound quality.



Woofers are able to produce quality low notes because of their stiff, lightweight structure — perfect for adding bass to your car’s sound.
Most of our manufacturers employ the use of synthetic films, like polypropylene, which allow for top-quality sound production. Synthetic material can readily be transformed into solid, stiff compounds, such as mica, that preserve a full bass tone. When coated with metals such as aluminum or titanium, the resulting woven fabric is strong, lightweight and great for resisting moisture and extreme temperatures.




In general, speakers are comprised of textile blends, silk, and other similar soft materials, which result in a system that provides a more refined sound, which can also be mellow in character. Speakers like tweeters, that utilize harder materials, offer a snappier, brighter sound in your vehicle, and give you more control over your sound.

Mobile One’s pivoting tweeters, or swiveling tweeters, give you the ability to aim your speakers in different directions. With these installed in your vehicle, you car’s audio will sound more realistic and authentic, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in your audio experience.



Crossovers help car audio systems produce sounds that are both clean and energy efficient. They are a great addition to our component systems to make top-notch, complex sounds, consisting of multiple frequencies, by adding extra input terminals. Woofers that utilize low-frequency drivers can be combined with tweeters that employ the use of high-frequency drivers, and together, create a bi-amping sound.

Many of our high-end, full-range speakers use external crossovers that produce a clean frequency separation between the woofer and tweeter, which greatly reduces sound distortion while simultaneously preserving audio quality.

Expert Installation You Can Trust

As one of the most experienced and knowledgeable stereo system installers in the entire New Orleans area, we can be trusted to improve your car’s audio system. Many of the great car speaker systems you hear driving around the New Orleans area have been installed by Mobile One Auto Sound of Gretna, Metairie, or Covington. Not only will you get years of awesome, crystal clear music, you will increase the value on your vehicle, if you are ever needing to resell it.


Financing Options Available

Mobile One Auto Sound of New Orleans proudly offers flexible payment options to our customers, with no credit needed.
Our No Credit Needed Leasing through Progressive is great for customers who haven’t established their credit yet or have a less-than-perfect credit history. Check out more about this program here.

We also offer our M.E.S.A. Money Credit Card option, which can include zero-down financing for up to 18 months. Learn more here and apply now!

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