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Why Choose Mobile One for Your Car Electronics

We’re the New Orleans Area’s One-Stop Shop for All Things for Your Vehicle!

Mobile One Auto Sound has been the New Orleans area’s top mobile electronics and accessories provider for more than 25 years. From car stereos, remote start, security, mobile video entertainment, GPS navigation, radar detectors, window tinting, custom installation, and more, Mobile One is here to get you the best deals on the car upgrades you need, and install your new electronics or accessories in your vehicle, often on the same day you purchase them.

Our customers come back to our car audio stores in Gretna, Metairie, and Covington, Louisiana, near New Orleans, because they know we are experts in the auto solutions, safety, and security industry, and because our knowledge extends to marine and powersports audio and accessories, too.

We’re known for outfitting vehicles for a customized look and feel that makes your vehicle all your own. Visit one of our locations and see how we can outfit your vehicle with the latest accessories that will turn heads as you drive down the block.

Mobile One Auto Sound Sells Top-Quality Auto Accessories

Mobile One is the top provider of top quality brands and products for all your vehicle needs in the New Orleans area. Our mission at Mobile One is “to get the job done the right way, everyday,” and we keep to that mission by helping you upgrade your car’s stereo, audio, speakers, subwoofers, dash cams, radar detectors, remote starts, window tinting, and more.

When you’re ready to make your car even better than it always is, call us or visit one of our locations to get started. We’ll walk you through all the brands available to you and explain their features, so you can make a well-informed decision about which ones you should purchase, based on your budget and goals.

Upgrade Your Car’s Stereo, Audio, Speakers, and Subwoofers

Adding power to your vehicle's audio system is a key step in upgrading your overall audio and entertainment system. The teams at Mobile One have the experience and know-how to recognize and test your current audio system to determine what it lacks. This way, you can get the sound system components that you need to completely revolutionize how your car stereo system sounds as you cruise down the road.

Our professionals know which accessories are right for your car's audio system, whether you’re looking to improve your original system, or you’ve already done some upgrades. Perhaps you should leave the OEM head unit in your car and upgrade your subwoofer and tweeter only. Or perhaps you just need a more powerful amplifier to boost your sound quality. Regardless of what needs to be done, our installation pros will be honest and upfront about how to improve your sound quality or even replace broken components in your original car stereo.

Let Mobile One help you hear every sound in your favorite songs, the way the recording studio meant it to be heard, with upgraded car stereo equipment.

Get Top Quality Dash Cameras, Remote Starts, and Security Systems

Having high-quality dash cameras, remote starts, and security systems is important for your comfort and your safety, especially if you do a lot of driving.

Dash cameras with the clearest picture have many benefits, which include capturing fender benders, events with your family, break-ins, and more. Keeping evidence can be beneficial in providing proof to your insurance company in the unfortunate cases of break-ins, vandalism, and accidents.

Having a remote start installed in your vehicle keeps you comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures. It’s simple, really: in the cold, heat up your car from the comfort of your home, or cool it off in the heat of summer before you ever climb inside. You’ll never get burned by hot metal seat belt buckles ever again, and you’ll stay toasty the full duration of your drive in wintry weather.

Having a professionally-installed security system is also important to provide you with top safety features. Factory security systems only go so far in providing you the safety you need to protect you, your car, your belongings, and your family. Or, to get these features, you’ll have to spend thousands of dollars extra to upgrade the trim level of your vehicle; then, you’ll end up paying for features you don’t really care about.

By choosing Mobile One to install aftermarket car security systems, you are choosing the best professionals to get the job done correctly, for an affordable price, and getting exactly what you want.

We carry lots of options for keeping you and your vehicle safe:

  • 1-way or 2-way communication operating range up to 6,000 feet with Smartphone control and monitoring (unlimited range)

  • Impact sensor

  • Remote lock and unlock of doors and trunk

  • Back up battery

  • Siren

  • Motion sensors for car doors and windows

  • Panic button

  • Starter interrupt

  • Tilt sensors

  • Trunk protection

  • Remote start function

Questions about these features? Give us a call, and we’ll help you choose a security or safety system that’s right for your needs.

Get Professional Window Tinting Installation at Mobile One

Customers visit our car audio stores for window tinting installation, from which you’ll reap many benefits. Not only do window tints and films make your car look increasingly more cool, but they also block UV radiation and heat, which can actually help you stay healthy! Window tints are good for your car, too; their proper installation can prevent your car interior from fading in the sun, which actually reduces the value of your vehicle.

Tinted windows also reduce glare and enhance your privacy as you drive your vehicle around the New Orleans area. And should you ever be involved in an auto accident, your window tint can reduce the risk of glass shatter spraying all over the interior of your car.

Professionally-installed window tint from Mobile One looks perfect, without bubbles, wrinkles, or tears. You’ll find that your new window tint is perfectly smooth, so your vision is never compromised. It’s almost impossible to say the same about amateur-quality installation, so always turn to the pros here at Mobile One for all your auto window tinting needs.

Get On-Site and Same-Day Stereo Installation

When you pick out your new car stereo or window tint with a lifetime warranty, you’re no doubt going to be excited and look forward to having it installed. The great thing about buying all your car accessories and upgrades from Mobile One is that we can install most everything the very same business day! And, if you buy a complete stereo system, your installation labor is completely free.

Our professional installers do such a good job that we offer a lifetime warranty on our installation, so if there is ever any issue - and usually there isn’t - we will correct the problem for you, absolutely free. We stand behind our work, like every car audio store should. Come see us for the absolute best in-car electronic and entertainment upgrades in the Big Easy.

Get Car Stereo Financing at Mobile One

We understand that the top-quality audio brands and car accessories are not always so cheap that you have all of the cash upfront. We also understand that once you have your components picked out, you’re really excited to have them installed in your vehicle, even if you don’t have all the money that day.

To help you out, Mobile One offers financing and lease-to-own options to help you pay for the cost of your equipment. These financing options, detailed on our website, are great for you even if your credit isn’t perfect. Some of these special financing options also have special promotional offers throughout the year, so there’s a really good chance that using one of these will get you an even better deal on stereo equipment - especially when these lenders offer interest-free financing for a certain time period.

Learn more about how you can finance your car electronics purchase by visiting us in person to discuss your options.

Where Can I Buy Stereo Equipment in New Orleans?

It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, for perfect sound quality in your car stereo, plus security and safety systems, window tinting, and more. That place? Mobile One Auto Sound, with three locations in the New Orleans area!

Send us a message at Team1a@mobileone.com, stop in to one of our New Orleans metro locations in Metairie, Gretna or Covington, Louisiana today, or call us to learn more about how we can upgrade your vehicle today:

Metairie, Louisiana – (504) 454-5104

Gretna, Louisiana – (504) 366-1127

Covington, Louisiana – (985) 809-0172

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