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Fine-Tune Your Car Audio System with a Digital Processor

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Upgrade Your Car Audio in New Orleans at Mobile One Auto Sound

When it comes to upgrading your car stereo, it can be daunting to figure out where you should start. You may think replacing your enter audio system is the only way to successfully upgrade your stereo - but really, fine-tuning your car audio with a digital processor can give you exactly what you’re looking for.

So, what is a digital processor? It’s a device that manipulates signals and clears out any sort of noise or distortion so your audio sounds clearer and cleaner. When you use a digital processor, you have the ability to feed to external amplifiers, which enhances your audio even more, regardless of the quality of your stereo system.

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we carry 3 brands of car audio digital processors:

  • AudioControl

  • JL Audio

  • Rockford Fosgate

While we recommend all of these brands for digital processors, they each have a different approach to car audio and stereo. Learn more about these brands on our website!

Why Your Stereo Needs a Digital Processor

A digital processor basically makes your stereo sound way better. It makes it louder, and it properly tunes audio to your amplifiers, so nothing gets in the way of high-quality acoustics in your car.

If you have an amplifier in your car, you clearly care about the sound quality of your radio. However, amplifiers won’t clean up the sound in the same way that a digital processor does. If you’re building your own aftermarket audio system, it can get pretty pricey. Using a car audio digital processor allows you to enhance any kind of stereo system, even one that uses more affordable components.

When you’re looking to get a processor installed for your car audio in New Orleans, Mobile One Auto Sound has trusted audio technicians to ensure you’re getting exactly what you’re needing in your car stereo.

We’re here to give you a breakdown of our trusted brands, the digital processors they provide, and what they can do for your stereo system.

Try AudioControl’s Premium Digital Processor

AudioControl offers specially designed 24-bit digital processors to create top-of-the-line sound quality. When you have one of these digital processors professionally installed, you’ll get high-end audio control and optimization.

AudioControl’s most premium option for audio control is the DM-810. This is a powerful digital processor that makes your audio system sound incredible, regardless of your factory or aftermarket car stereo. This processor has features that go beyond the crisp audio, too.

The DM-810 has 10 channels of output and a built-in option port to allow high resolution streaming directly into the processor. Plus, you can manage and control your car audio digital processor through AudioControl’s DM Smart DSP app!

JL Audio Has a Digital Processor for Everyone

JL Audio offers a line of digital processors made to improve your car’s audio system. JL Audio’s FiX collection automatically level matches, time-corrects, reconstructs and re-equalizes factory audio signals. If you’re wanting a mid-level-priced processor that has all the bells and whistles of higher-end options, the FiX 86 digital processor is perfect for you.

This advanced model has automatic time correction and 30 second calibration at just the click of a button. What consumers really love about this processor is its ability to truly elevate the sound quality on even the most basic of audio signals. This is ideal particularly for those who are building out their aftermarket audio systems.

Come to one of Mobile One Auto Sound’s New Orleans locations and have our professional technicians install your FiX 86!

Get Affordable Quality Audio with a Rockford Fosgate Digital Processor

You don’t need to break the bank to get a quality digital processor near you! Rockford Fosgate provides a reliable processor for a great price. The DSRI is an 8-channel interactive processor with the ability to tune right from an app on Apple and Android devices.

This processor is designed to replace the factory amplifier and speakers in Ford and Chrysler vehicles using the signal from your stereo. This is a great add-on to make your car audio system feel brand-new, without the hefty price tag!

Elevate Your Car Audio With a Digital Processor Today

At Mobile One Audio Sound, you’ll find our skilled technicians ready to assist you with your digital processor installation. No matter what you’re looking for, our auto solutions will make sure you’re getting the best upgrades to your vehicle.

Visit one of our three locations in the New Orleans metropolitan area or contact us to get started.

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