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The Latest Developments in Rear Seat Entertainment Technology

side view of the rear seats of a vehicle

Get New Rear Seat Entertainment Technology Installed in New Orleans at Mobile One Auto Sound

Especially for those with kids and big families, rear seat entertainment can make or break your sanity. No bickering, yelling, fighting, or crying - even a short commute can be made that much more peaceful when everyone in the back seat is entertained!

When it comes to rear seat entertainment, technology has come a long way. At Mobile One Auto Sound, our professional installers can help you find which rear seat entertainment system works best for you.

We partner with VOXX Electronics, a leading corporation specializing in rear seat entertainment systems. They offer several different options to cater to any type of rider and ensure their technology is state-of-the-art.

We’re here to keep you up-to-date on some of the latest and greatest in how this technology is changing the game when it comes to rear seat entertainment.

Universal Seat-back Systems for Rear Seat Entertainment

A popular choice in rear seat entertainment are universal seat-back systems. These systems are built into the back of your car’s headrests. One of the most common VOXX models is the AVXMTGHR9HD. This is a 9-inch headrest with a DVD monitor system and HDMI/MHL inputs.

Features of this model include:

  • LED back-lit monitors for vibrant picture quality

  • Switchable 16:9 / 4:3 aspect ratio

  • Adjustable viewing angles

  • Audio / video inputs and outputs

  • USB inputs

  • Independent switching

  • Built-in FM modulator

  • Shale, pewter and black covers included

  • Remote control

  • Built-in IR headphone transmitter

  • 3.5mm wired headphone jack

Getting this rear seat entertainment system installed in New Orleans is a great option for families on a budget while still ensuring high-quality video and features that are easy to navigate.

Overhead System with Built-in DVD player

Another great option is an overhead system. This is what you might recognize as the typical, classic rear seat entertainment. But technology has come a long way! The VXMTG10 is a rear seat entertainment system we can install for you at one of our New Orleans locations.

The system includes a 10.1" high-definition digital LED back-lit monitor that flips up when not being used, but easily comes down when you’re ready to put something on for back seat passengers. This particular model is interesting because you can connect your smart phones and streaming sticks, enabling access to your favorite video apps.

Features of this mode include:

  • Compatible with Apple® or Android Smartphones and other devices incorporating HDMI® technology, like Google Chromecast, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV devices

  • 13.3" high-definition digital LED back-lit monitor

  • HDMI input

  • Built-in DVD player

  • USB input

  • Built-in voltage stabilizer for vehicles equipped with fuel saving mode

  • Audio/video input and output

We understand not everyone is using DVDs like we used to, that’s why we make sure there are advanced options when you’re looking to install a rear seat entertainment system.

Universal Dual Seat-Back Rear Entertainment System

AudioVox has a great dual seat-back system, VXSB10UHD2. This model has a 10.1" digital LCD display and modern features that will make you feel right at home. Plus, the system has 16GB of built-in memory to download offline content from your favorite streaming apps and services. This type of rear seat entertainment is like taking your smart TV on the go!

Features of this model include:

  • Capacitive multi-touch panel

  • Android 8.0+ operating system

  • Quad core processor - 8GB ram

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Wifi: 802.11 1/b/n/g dual band (hot spot required)

  • Voxxlink full system remote control and system monitoring via smartphones

  • Download your favorite apps, play your DVD collection and control the seat-back system from anywhere in the vehicle

  • Built-in access to your favorite apps

Custom Rear Seat Entertainment

Does all of this sound great, but you’re not sure if it fits exactly what you’re looking for? AudioVox also makes custom rear seat entertainment systems! These systems have all of the state-of-the-art features you’ll find in the manufactured systems, like HDMI inputs and DVD capabilities - but you’ll also be able to customize the system to fit your vehicle. No matter what kind of car you have, the color, material, grain pattern, stitching, and piping are all customizable to you.

Some other customization features include:

  • Headrest bun shapes and assemblies designed to match your factory headrests

  • Solid frame construction

  • Monitors are securely fastened to headrest

  • Advanced electronics, picture, and sound rival much higher-priced systems.

  • Flexible configurations (dual DVD, single DVD/single monitor, dual monitors, etc.)

The best part is once you’ve designed your system with AudioVox, installing your rear seat entertainment system through us is a breeze!

Get Your Rear Seat Entertainment System Installed at Mobile One Auto Sound Today!

Whether you’re looking to keep the kids entertained on long car rides or want to add a luxurious touch to your ride-share driving, rear seat technology elevates your vehicle and the rider experience.

Our professional technicians can help you get exactly what you’re looking for in rear seat entertainment. On top of that, we have multiple convenient locations in the New Orleans metro, so you don’t have to drive far to upgrade your ride. Stop to visit us or reach out to our technicians if you have any questions.

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