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7 Must-Have Upgrades for Your Jet Ski

State-of-the-Art Marine Audio Installation, and Many Other Aftermarket Boosts, to Get Your Machine Ready for the Water

These days, there are so many ways you can supercharge your personal watercraft. You can find several accessories that unlock the potential of watercraft, but don’t break the bank. For instance, you can improve the top speed of your craft, ensure the engine's longevity, install stellar boat audio, and improve its handling, all with aftermarket accessories that aren’t too challenging to install. Below are just some of the ways you can upgrade your amphibious friend.

Scoop and Intake Grates

Scoop and intake grates scoop water into the jet pump of your jet ski. You can improve performance by hooking up your jet ski with the best scooping action. This can stop the jet ski from bouncing out of the water, giving you more control over it.

A good intake grate can keep you stable at fast speeds. You can move quickly on the water without worrying about water splashes. Make sure to choose the right size of intake grate for your jet ski. Indeed, you will get the best results with the right fittings.

Marine Audio Installation

You can buy high-quality components that work perfectly in watercraft and boats. Marine speakers have UV-resistant grilles, stainless steel hardware, and weather-resistant surrounds. To buy waterproof speakers, visit audio shops in New Orleans, and buy the finest speakers.

At an audio store near you, you’re likely to find Kenwood boat audio products. Kenwood is a leading manufacturer, and developer of communication equipment and electronics. You will need waterproof speakers to enjoy music on the water for your jet ski. Search boat audio store near me on Google to find your nearest shop.

Steering System

Do you want to enjoy a smooth and quick ride? You will need a jet ski steering system to improve your ride dramatically. After installing an aftermarket steering system, you can feel the difference in the smoothness of the turns. A ski will react precisely and faster after upgrading its steering system.

Remember, it can be difficult to install a new steering system on a jet ski. It’s an upgrade that’s best left to mechanics well-versed in making modifications to your particular jet ski model.

Ride Plates

Ride plates are an easy upgrade on your jet ski that bolts on the jet pump. A good ride plate will maintain your balance through turns, and give you excellent traction. As a result, you can move faster without any fear. Ride plates are great for fixing spinning-out problems.

Waterbox Silencer

Want a quieter ride? A waterbox silencer will minimize excess noise from your jet ski. As a bonus, a waterbox silencer can improve the power of your engine. At the same time, you can consider replacing the carburetor, which can also work to improve the efficiency of your engine, ultimately resulting in better power and performance.

Traction Mats

Do you want another level of control on your jet ski? Traction mats stop you from slipping around all the time. Replace your stock mats with high-traction mats and take your riding to another level. Certainly, stock mats are not designed for long-term use or racing. It will make your jet ski cool, and allow you to ride better.


Sponsons protrude outward from the sides of the hull to improve stability. Undoubtedly, a new set of upgraded aftermarket sponsons can dramatically improve the handling of your jet ski. By adding a professional sponsons set, you can increase the stability of every ride. They make it easier to turn and control your jet ski in choppy weather.

A new set of jet ski sponsons will help you to have maximum control for racing, free styling, and stand-up tricks. Sit-down jet skis also need sponsons for better through turns and variable racing conditions.

Sponsons come with a backing plate, mounting system, and a fin that can be bolted on easily. If you want to perform more daring tricks when riding your ski, you will need great stand-up or sit-down sponsons.

Upgrade your Jet Ski

It’s never been more fun or easy to modify your jet ski. Making performance modifications that alter how your jet ski handles is one thing, but there’s also the option to add fun accessories like jet ski audio systems for pumping out your favorite tunes when you’re on the water. Having a jet ski audio system is also great for when you’re just chilling with friends.

And with its support for Bluetooth and streaming media, you can control your marine audio system from your phone.

Look for the Pros

When browsing audio shops in New Orleans, consider Mobile-One Audio Sound. A proud locally-owned business for over 25 years, we’re leaders in the mobile electronics and accessories business.

Get in touch today at (504) 366-1127, or send us a quick message online to chat about the upgrades that will enhance your jet ski for years to come.

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