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Accessories and Upgrades to Elevate Your Car’s Sound System

Let Mobile One Auto Sound help you upgrade your car’s sound system to its fullest potential with accessories and speakers!

Finding the right aftermarket car stereo, aftermarket car speakers and accessories for your vehicle can be a daunting task. Talk to the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound today to get started on choosing the right speakers, subwoofers, amps, and more for your vehicle. Once you have decided on what the right system for your vehicle is, the on site service professionals at Mobile One Auto Sound will get your system installed and ready to go with a lifetime guarantee.

Mobile One Auto Sound has the top brands of accessories to upgrade and elevate your car’s sound system in the surrounding New Orleans metropolitan areas. Let’s look at some accessories that are available to be purchased and installed on site at any of the Mobile One Auto Sound locations.

Car audio speakers come in all shapes and sizes and powers. Mobile One Auto Sound has the high quality speakers you are looking for that will fit your vehicle. Choosing between full range and component new car speakers, the power of your car’s audio system, speaker sensitivity and different tweeters are a few of the ways to customize your vehicle’s audio system.

Full Range and Component Speakers

There are two types of speaker systems you can get with any car; full range speakers and component speakers. Full range speakers include pretty much everything you need in one element, meaning everything is packed in one single system. If you’re looking for minimum intrusion in your vehicle as well as quick and easy installation, a full range speaker is the system to choose. Full range speakers can come in different sizes to ensure that you can find the right fit for your vehicle. These types of speakers will also cost the lowest but they are still capable of producing any range of sound.

Component speakers are the second type of speakers and a more customizable way to upgrade your car’s audio system. With component style speakers, the woofers and tweeters come separate and also include separate crossovers. Since all of these pieces come separately, you are able to mount them in your car wherever you choose allowing you to place them in optimal hearing range. Component speaker systems also offer much higher quality sound than full range speakers due to the capability of positioning and pointing the different pieces any way you need in order to get the full range and depth of your car’s audio system.


Car audio systems come in both high power and low power styles. Most factory installed systems that come with your vehicle will be the lower powered style. This ensures you get the most out of your car’s power without using it for the audio system in the vehicle. Simply put, if you’re looking for a high quality sound system that won’t utilize a lot of your car’s power, you will want to look into purchasing a lower powered car audio system, combined with speakers that don’t use a lot of energy.

Higher power means impressive sound quality and volume. Car audio systems purchased at Mobile One Auto Sound with higher powered ranges will, of course, create louder volume with the same high quality you can find in a low powered audio system.


The measure of sensitivity is how a speaker performs from the power subjected to it. A low powered audio system in your vehicle would be best paired with high sensitivity speakers. If you choose a high powered car audio system for your vehicle, speakers with lower sensitivity ranges would be better suited to create a higher quality sound.


Overall, all speakers are created with a mix of textile blends, silk, and other similar soft materials, this creates an audio system with a more refined, high quality sound. When it comes to certain tweeters, however, ones that are made with harder materials resulting in snappier and brighter sounds in your vehicle. This also gives you more control over your sound.

The sound at the frequency a tweeter puts out is very directional, meaning tweeters are best heard and enjoyed when pointed directly toward you. The tweeters that Mobile One Auto Sound provides include pivoting, or swiveling tweeters. These types of tweeters give you the ability to aim your speakers in different directions. By having these types of tweeters installed by the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound, your car’s audio system will sound more realistic and give you a higher quality listening experience.

The best amps should feed into the best subwoofers for a car to have the best sound possible. Woofers create quality lower frequencies for your vehicle’s sound system, this is also known as bass. Most of the woofers supplied by Mobile One Auto Sound employ the use of synthetic films, like polypropylene, which allow for top quality sound production for your vehicle.


The point of crossovers are to help car audio systems create and produce sounds that are clean, high quality, and energy efficient. A crossover is an electronic device that works with your car audio system’s tweeters and woofers to create a cleaner and richer sound. Without a crossover, those two speakers won’t work together and will create a messy sound “traffic jam”.

Many of the high end, full range speakers installed at Mobile One Auto Sound use external crossovers that can produce a very high quality frequency separation between the woofer and the tweeter, which will greatly help reduce sound distortion and continue the high end sound quality.

Mobile One Auto Sound has the top car speaker brands, and many options that will fit your vehicle’s needs but also your budget, however you are looking to upgrade your system. Options include a variety of price ranges with accessories as well as financing options that will fit you and your financing needs. You have the option to replace your entire system or you can switch parts out one by one.

If you are ready to upgrade your vehicle’s sound system with the best car speakers and other accessories, give the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound a call at one of our locations in Metairie (504-888-4922), Covington (985-809-0172), or Gretna (504-366-1127) in Louisiana.

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