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Aftermarket Auto Accessories That Make Good Gifts

Gift Ideas for the New Orleans-Area Auto Enthusiasts In Your Life

The holiday season is here, and it’s time for our favorite music, decorations, togetherness, and gift exchanges.

Finding gifts for everyone on your list can be tough, especially when you don’t fully know what they want.

Mobile One Auto Sound is here to make it easier for you to shop for your car-loving friends and family. Our auto accessory solutions would be the perfect practical and fun gift for your loved one that they would appreciate for years.

We Can’t Talk Auto Accessory Options Without Mentioning Remote Start

As we know firsthand in New Orleans, getting in a scorching hot car in the summer is never a pleasant experience! Once the car has succumbed to the heat after sitting through a day in the Louisiana sun, it can take forever to get back to a comfortable temperature. We’ve got the perfect auto accessory to combat the elements: remote start!

Remote start allows you to start your car from a distance, so the temperature can regulate before you enter. Even after sitting through a hot day outside of your workplace, your car can feel perfect for you to get in and roll, whether the air conditioning or the heat is on.

A Car Stereo Is an Auto Accessory That Any Driver Can Appreciate

As a car audio shop, we hold audio-related auto accessories near and dear, and the stereo is the star of the car audio show. If your loved one is still suffering through a factory stereo and subpar speakers, you’ve got a great opportunity to transform their driving experience. Let our experts install a new stereo for your loved one, and they will enjoy improved performance, more capabilities, and additional features. Popular car stereo features to look for include:

  • Touchscreen

  • Voice control

  • Apple Carplay/Android Auto or Bluetooth capability

  • Multiple EQ settings

  • Camera inputs

  • Internal amp

  • Satellite radio

  • Video playback

Dash Cam Installation Adds a Layer Of Security to the Driving Experience

The sale and use of dash cams has skyrocketed recently, making it a hot commodity as an auto accessory and a great gift for car enthusiasts and drivers who are serious about their safety and awareness of their surroundings.

A dash cam is one of those gifts that you hope your recipient doesn’t actually have to use, but they will be very thankful they have it if they do. Having a camera that captures everything going on in front of your car from the time of start is an asset that can save you majorly in the event you encounter a reckless driver.

Find a dash cam that has a good pixel count for the best video resolution. Other features like GPS, Wi-Fi connectivity, and more can also make for the best dash cam experience.

Protect Their Ride With a Car Security System