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All About Aftermarket Remote Starts

The Convenient Way to Start Your Vehicle in the New Orleans Area

Aftermarket remote starts are a popular addition to many vehicles, allowing drivers to start their car from a distance using a remote control. These systems can be a convenient way to warm up the car on cool days or cool it down on hot days without physically having to be inside the vehicle. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about aftermarket remote car starters for vehicles so you can decide whether they’re right for you.

How Do Remote Starts Work?

First, it is important to understand how remote car starters work. These systems typically consist of a remote control that you have in your possession and a receiver installed in the vehicle. When you press the remote control, it sends a signal to the receiver, which in turn starts the vehicle's engine. Certain remote start systems can also lock and unlock the doors and activate other features such as the vehicle's alarm or security system.

If you’re worried that your car won’t be compatible, there’s a remote start solution for just about every vehicle out there. Many aftermarket products can still be used if your vehicle has a push-to-start mechanism, so get in touch with Mobile One Auto Sound to discuss this option further.

Remote starts should be installed by a professional. In fact, the remote car starter installation process can be tricky, especially on newer, high-tech vehicles. Avoid any potential damage by having the professionals take care of this for you. The team at Mobile One Auto Sound are highly experienced remote car starter installers in New Orleans.

A Remote Start is Convenience Made Tangible

One of the main benefits of aftermarket remote starts is their added convenience. With a remote start system, you can start your car from a distance, which can be especially useful on cold days when you want to warm up the car before getting in. It can also be helpful on hot and humid days when you want to cool down the car before getting in. You don’t even have to leave your house to do it.

Viper, one of the best remote starter system brands, can even automatically start the vehicle when the temperature hits a certain level outside, allowing you to keep your vehicle’s interior within a preset temperature range. You can start your car from anywhere if you need to, thanks to the development of a smartphone app.

Improve your Vehicle’s Security with a Remote Car Starter

Another benefit of aftermarket remote starts is improved security. Many of these systems come with additional security features, such as the ability to lock and unlock the doors from a distance. This can provide an extra layer of protection for your vehicle, helping to prevent theft and break-ins. And because you can start your car quickly, you can get inside, lock your doors, and drive away more quickly if you find yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable. Remote starts are ideal for women, college students, or those who are the last to leave work at night.

Your car can’t be easily stolen if you use a remote start. Your car still needs the key to be in the ignition for it to be actually driven, so if a thief attempted to steal your vehicle with the remote start alone, they wouldn’t get anywhere.

Forget Leaving Your Vehicle Idling! A Remote Start Can Help.

Many of us like a cool interior when we get into our vehicles, which typically necessitates leaving the vehicle idling even if you pop out for short periods. This can be averted with a remote start system that automatically starts your vehicle’s engine when you’re within a certain distance.

In addition to convenience and security, aftermarket remote car starters can actually save you money on fuel. By starting the car from a distance, you can warm up the engine without letting it idle for an extended period, like you would if you needed to head outside to start your car before heading back indoors. This can reduce fuel consumption and save you money on gas.

What is the Best Remote Starter?

The best remote starter depends on your needs. However, we’re fans of the Viper brand, as it offers a wide range of options. Viper is known as the world’s leading remote start brand and it’s the best-selling vehicle security brand in the world, too. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we can perform Viper remote car starter installation for you, making it super easy to get started with this convenient and safe auto accessory. Visit our locations in Metairie, Covington, and Gretna to learn more about your options.

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