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Are There Advantages of Having a Custom Car Stereo?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Technology has changed the driving experience. In 2019, knowing what you want in a car and car audio system often come hand-in-hand. The car stereo and its features is often a deal maker or deal breaker for the buyer when it comes to settling on a new vehicle. Fortunately at Mobile One Auto Sound, you do not have to buy a new vehicle to get the best audio experience, nor do you have to settle for a factory-installed stereo system on a vehicle you love. Our team at Mobile One Auto Sound serves the greater New Orleans area with car audio system installation, upgraded audio products for your vehicle, along with a range of other features including window tinting and complete audio system transformations. From our three locations in Metairie, Covington and Gretna, we serve the New Orleans, Louisiana region with audio consultations and expertise. But why should you care about having a custom car stereo through Mobile One Auto Sound?

Premium Sound From Premium Sound Systems

Most vehicles come with a stock stereo system. Auto makers are not so much interested in customizing small aspects of a vehicle, like the stereo system, because they are looking at a larger picture- to get people in their vehicles and to maximize profit. Unfortunately, this often means equipping a vehicle with a less-than-ideal stereo system. Alternatively, in the rare case that your model has an upgraded audio system from the factory, you will find yourself paying more than the value of the stock stereo upgrade. But do not worry. At Mobile One Auto Sound, our team is equipped with a wide range of premium-quality speakers to give you the sound you want. Whether you are in an old vehicle or you just drove off the lot, our team is fully prepared to integrate the stereo system of your choosing into your vehicle.

Optimal Control

Having a high-quality audio stereo system installed in your vehicle at Mobile One Auto Sound means having the most control over the way your music and stereo sound. Building your own custom car stereo system gives you the keys to a heightened audio experience where you step up from treble and bass controls into a vehicular world where you are in complete control of your equalizer and frequency. Having optimal control means fine-tuning your stereo so it works for you and you are getting the most out of your car speakers.

Better Experience on the Road

From commuting around the greater New Orleans area, to vacation road trips, to just a quick run to the grocery store, a custom car audio system takes a stock experience to a whole new level. With increased commuting times and, in general, an increased amount of time people are spending in their vehicles getting from point A to point B, having a high-quality sound system with hands-free capabilities helps pass the time while keeping you and your passengers entertained.

Communication, Simplified

Rules and regulations regarding hands-free driving are becoming more strict around the country. An upgraded, custom stereo system installed at Mobile One Auto Sound helps to not only keep the ability to remain in touch on the road, it also makes it easier. Bluetooth-enabled stereo systems allow you to connect your phone for hands-free calling and voice texting when you are on the go. As we look towards a landscape of changing technology, smartphones are increasingly creating ways to sync with your vehicle. These new capabilities offer new ways to listen and stream music, keep in touch with contacts, and even schedule reminders on your calendar. While some newer vehicles allow some smartphone integration, a customized stereo system means getting exactly what you want in order to utilize the features you need.

Great Financing Options through Mobile One Auto Sound

Our team of professional installers from our three locations in Metairie, Covington and Gretna, provides customers throughout the greater New Orleans region with affordable solutions for upgrading your vehicle’s audio system. Working with our team, we will understand your budget and align you with the right custom stereo system to fit your needs. Additionally, working with Mobile One Auto Sound means having access to flexible payment programs, without an extensive credit history. Apply now to learn more regarding our loan program program and application process here.

Noise Cancellation Systems

The future of sound is at your control. With today’s options for customizing your car audio system, you are in complete control with ever-changing options to improve the quality of your driving time and experience. As cars become lighter, more noise is being introduced from the road into the cab. Luckily, your options to decrease the noise is not limited to buying expensive specialized tires because car stereo systems are being designed with noise cancelling capabilities. From new software to accelerometers to microphones, technology is improving to reduce unwanted noise.

Upgrade your audio system today to take advantage of the current technology that will enhance your driving experience throughout the New Orleans metro area. From your day-to-day commute and beyond, having updated audio features means taking a proactive step towards keeping up with the latest and greatest to improve your experience. From speakers to bluetooth innovation in the car audio realm is constantly changing and Mobile One Auto Sound is leading the charge providing car audio service to the greater New Orleans metro area including Metairie, Gretna, and Covington, we provide service to communities beyond including Jefferson Parish, St. Bernard Parish, St. Tammany Parish, New Orleans, Kenner, River Ridge, Elmwood, Harahan, Terrytown, Harvey, Marrero, Madisonville, and Abita Springs. Give our team a call today or swing by one of our locations to book your next appointment.

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