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Auto Accessories Make Great Gifts This Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Visit Our New Orleans Area Car Audio Store to Find the Perfect Vehicle Upgrades

Now’s the time to start making your winter holiday wishlists, and why not include a few auto accessories or pieces of vehicle technology to add to it? These types of items make incredible gifts that you remain thankful for throughout the year - and often for many years, too.

Or, perhaps you know someone who you’re having a hard time finding a present for. Mobile One can help you find the right piece of equipment to bring them holiday cheer and leave them in awe of the amazing gift you got them.

Let’s take a look at the options available to you in our Gretna, Covington, and Metairie, Louisiana car audio stores and learn how you can make car dreams come true this holiday season.

Rear-Seat Entertainment is a Great Gift for Kids

Is your gift recipient not even old enough to drive? Mobile One has a great gift idea for the youngest on your list! Check out our rear-seat entertainment packages, designed to keep kids quiet and happy on road trips or even short drives around New Orleans while their parents or guardians run errands.

Initially, you might think a tablet or portable DVD player would be the best option for kids. However, as any parent can tell you, one day, you’ll end up in a situation of nightmares: the child has laid down their expensive electronic device, and now it’s nowhere to be found. Our rear-seat entertainment options, including head-rest mounted television screens or drop-down ceiling-mounted entertainment systems, never get removed from the car, which means they can’t get misplaced on a vacation, trip to grandma’s or at the grocery store. And, with our professional installation services, you’ll never know this fun equipment didn’t come standard with your vehicle.

Provide a Watchful Eye with a Dash Cam for Vehicles in Louisiana

Dash cams are increasingly popular in recent years because they’re like having a witness with you at all times. They’re very useful in capturing the details of fender benders or traffic stops, but they can also be meant for fun: recording family outings for posterity, for example.

At Mobile One, we carry a variety of dash cams in a wide price range from brands like Escort, Cobra, FirstTech, and Kenwood, so there’s something for everyone. Our car electronics experts can help you find the right dash cam for your gift recipient (or for yourself) and help you make an appointment for professional installation after the holidays.

Get Custom Window Tinting for Your Loved One for the Holidays

One of the most useful upgrades we install in vehicles on a regular basis is window tint. No, it isn’t just for looking awesome. Window tints block harmful UV rays from the sun to protect your skin from melanoma and other types of skin cancer. The tints can also prevent the interior of your vehicle from fading, which helps it hold its value for longer.

Window tinting is good for people who:

  • Didn’t get the car of their dreams for their 16th birthday, but might think window tint makes it a lot cooler

  • Recently bought a new car and are looking for ways to personalize it

  • Are sensitive to sunlight and may have difficulty driving because of it

  • People who feel overly warm in the hot Louisiana summers and suffer during the season

  • Literally anyone else who might love having tinted windows!

We highly recommend that anyone looking to tint their car windows have the film professionally installed here at Mobile One in lieu of trying a DIY project. DIY window tinting almost never goes well and results in an imperfect look that can actually impair vision. Come see our pros for perfection in window tint installation!

Kickin’ Car Stereos in Covington, Metairie, and Gretna

The car audio systems that come from the factory are fine. They function. They play music. You can use the volume button. Some of them have some pretty cool features, like Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay, or Android Auto. But almost all of them are seriously lacking in sound quality that can only be achieved with a custom stereo system tweaked perfectly to the interior of your vehicle.

We specialize in car stereo installation at Mobile One; it’s in our name: Auto Sound! If you or a loved one are true audiophiles, you don’t want to miss a single note or beat in your favorite songs. OEM car stereos are infamous for missing certain tones in the music, which means you never hear songs as the original recording artist intended.

Brand-new amplifiers, subwoofers, tweeters, and stereo speakers can be installed into any vehicle for what we’re positive will be a jaw-dropping improvement in sound quality. You’ll find all the major brands here at Mobile One: Kenwood, JBL, Pioneer, Infinity, Scosche, Jensen, and more. And you’ll get professional stereo installation with your purchase of a complete car stereo system, which ensures every component is optimized for your vehicle.

Get the Comfort and Luxury of a Remote Start System

There are only a few weeks per year where you can climb into the driver’s seat of your car and think, “This is the perfect temperature for me.” The rarity of which we experience this in Louisiana calls for a solution to this uncomfortable problem. What about giving the gift of a remote start system? Our remote start systems allow drivers to start up their vehicles with the heating or cooling preset to the perfect temperature, so they stay cool in the summer and cozy in the winter when they hop in to take a spin.

There are a couple of things to consider with remote starts, the main one being how long of a range you need on your remote, and the second one being whether you’d like smartphone integration with your new system. Range is really important; if you buy a remote start system with too short of a range, you might not be able to use it outside your third-story apartment or from certain rooms of your home to start up your vehicle. Remote starts are all about convenience, so choose a range that will help you the most.

Find the Perfect Winter Holiday Gifts at Your Favorite Local Car Audio Store

There’s no need to scour the internet for a meaningful holiday gift. Just visit Mobile One Auto Sound at 3000 Clearview Parkway in Metairie; 516 Westbank Expressway in Gretna; or 1620 North Highway 190 in Covington.

Our car pros can help you find the perfect gift for every car driver (or passenger) in your life. We’re open Monday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., so you have plenty of time to shop and check off every item on your wishlist.

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