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Benefits of Listening to Music in the Car

Reap the Benefits of Top-Notch Car Audio in New Orleans

Is there any more iconic expression of freedom than driving in your car with your favorite music? Driving your car wherever you want to go with the music you love has been a central theme of personal freedom ever since the automobile was first invented.

As professional car stereo installation experts in New Orleans, Mobile One Auto Sound understands this better than most. We know that it's important to get the right car stereo, car speakers, amplifier, subwoofer, and tweeter setup in your car so that every journey, no matter how mundane, can feel meaningful.

Health benefits of listening to music in the car

Listening to music that you like has been shown to have a profound effect on a person's physiology. Listening to music can increase the development of antibodies that fight bacteria. It lowers anxiety and releases dopamine into the brain, calming and soothing us when we're stuck in New Orleans traffic.

Safer driving with relaxing music

A peer-review study showed that listening to the right music lowered respiration rate and improved mood. Drivers who are relaxed and in a good mood are less aggressive behind the wheel, making them altogether safer drivers. Low-tempo music at a reasonable volume can help drivers to concentrate and focus on the road.

Safety is important. Blasting music when you're driving at high speed with other drivers around can be a distraction and lower your awareness of your surroundings. This is why the best car audio installation near me often suggests a car stereo system that allows you to set a maximum volume for music based on the driver.

With car audio near me with the relevant settings, if you have teenage drivers who will be using your vehicle, you can set a maximum volume so they don't get distracted while they're still perfecting their driving skills.

The ritual of music

Great music in the car is an important part of many driving rituals. In your daily commute to work, you can play some stimulating music to get you ready for the day. On your way home, relaxing music can bring you back down to earth again, so by the time you've reached your home again you've completely decompressed from the office.

Music plays a big part in setting the atmosphere for the night. If you're heading out on the town, some uplifting party tunes can get everyone in the mood. By the time everyone's exited the vehicle, they're already pumped and excited for the rest of the night's events.

In fact, when we look back at these fun times in our lives, it's often the build-up and pre-game in the car with our friends that we remember the most fondly. It's those times that we're able to enjoy music with our friends the most, excited for what the night will bring.

Road trips are another time where music becomes part of the ritual. The music becomes a background and soundtrack to your adventure. You can make new memories you'll subconsciously tie to the music and recall again later in life. If you're with friends, you can discuss music choices and reminisce about old times every mile of your journey. And if you've got a long, boring drive ahead of you, music will help the hours fly by.

Car audio installation in New Orleans

For the best in-car audio experience, you need the best audio equipment. This doesn't mean it needs to cost an arm and a leg. In fact, relatively inexpensive car audio systems can sound worlds better than factory-installed car audio. Manufacturers generally don't put the best car audio equipment into vehicles as they assume most people wouldn't notice the difference.

But you'll certainly notice the difference when your aftermarket car audio is installed. The right car speakers, head unit, and amplifier can make your favorite music sound fantastic in your car. Mobile One Auto Sound is the New Orleans car audio supplier and installer that can supercharge your in-car audio experience.

We offer all of the most trusted brands in the industry, from Kenwood to Hertz. We take pride in helping you get an outstanding audio experience without breaking the bank. We can install a new stereo, add an amp or subwoofer, or install a completely new in-car audio system for you. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our products.

Contact us online or come into our Metairie, Covington, or Gretna locations. We'll be extremely pleased to welcome you into the fantastic world of pro car audio.

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