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Brand Spotlight: iBEAM

The Gold Standard in Aftermarket Safety Accessories

iBEAM is a manufacturer of aftermarket safety accessories for your vehicle. The installation of iBEAM car safety accessories can add cutting edge safety technology to your current vehicle, greatly improving your motoring satisfaction. iBEAM's car safety accessories rival the much more expensive built-in safety technologies you find in top-of-the-line new models. With iBEAM accessories from Mobile One Auto Sound, your driving experience will never have been so safe, stylish, and fun.

We recommend iBEAM products because of their high levels of engineering and fine materials. Great care has been made to ensure all accessories work to a high standard and fit well in the vehicle they're installed into. iBEAM offers an enormous range of products specifically designed for certain models of vehicle. Your iBEAM aftermarket safety accessories will perfectly fit into your vehicle as if they had been installed on the factory floor.

Another reason to choose iBEAM is the wide range of options. Where other manufacturers offer you one or two products, iBEAM has hundreds of products so you can get the aftermarket car safety accessory installation you really want.

iBEAM ADAS Cameras

iBEAM offers a wide range of cameras, including universal aftermarket backup cameras. ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems) cameras provide perfect reverse vision with motion detection for cross-path alerts. With an audible alarm included, you can get advance notice of vehicles in your blind spots.

iBEAM has motion detection, small bullet, small square, snap-in, and eyeball-style cameras alongside micro-cameras and cameras that fit above your license plate. iBEAM backup cameras can have night vision IR LEDs for outstanding vision at night. The installation of an iBEAM ADAS system can improve your driving safety and increase your vehicle's value on the resale market.

Tailgate Handle Backup Cameras

Tailgate handle cameras are vehicle-specific kits that perfectly match the factory style of your vehicle's tailgate handle. Popular tailgate handle cameras include the TE-GMTC for the Chevrolet Colorado, Chevrolet Silverado, and GMC Sierra; the TE-DGH for the Dodge RAM; and the TE-FDH for the Ford F-150.

These handle cameras are virtually undetectable. Get in touch today to discuss the tailgate handle cameras that perfectly fit your model and book your backup camera installation with us.

Third Brake Light Cameras

Another option is the installation of a camera in a replacement of your third brake light. These fit models such as the Ford F-150, Ford Super Duty, Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Express Van, RAM ProMaster, and Ford Transit Van.

iBEAM 360-Degree Car Cameras

Advanced driver assistance systems from iBEAM don't stop there. You can install a 360-degree 3D camera system that helps you to understand the entire surroundings of your vehicle. The front camera offers you front parking sensors that detect up to 2.5 feet, and the rear camera gives you a backup camera monitor. Cameras to the side work as your blind-spot detection system.

All four cameras work together to give a 3D, 360-degree view of your car's surroundings. When you turn or reverse, the side or rear cameras automatically display on the screen, and you can toggle through multiple views for maximum guidance.

You can even use the built-in DVR to simultaneously record all the cameras, and the system can work as a monitoring device for when you're away from your vehicle. If anyone ever scratches your car, you'll have video proof stored on the DVR.

Live-Streaming, Real-Time Rear-View Mirror with Backup Camera

The heart of your in-car camera system could be the TE-SM9 universal 9-inch mirror. It offers a real-time rear-view image in an impressive 1080p, and you can choose between front and rear camera views. With dual-channel DVR, everything is always recorded. You even have the option for split-screen visuals and ADAS visual and audible alerts.

iBEAM has at least eight other rear-view mirror options from which to choose if you'd prefer a smaller mirror, a clip-on monitor, or a mirror monitor with built-in Bluetooth.

LCD Screen Video Displays

If you prefer, you can choose a standalone video screen instead of a rear-view mirror replacement. Test range from a dinky 3.5-inch LCD with a 320x240 resolution screen up to a 7-inch LCD with a 480 x 272 resolution. You may also prefer a mount dash cam that works with your smart device, recording up to 1080p video onto an SD card.

iBEAM aftermarket safety systems are the best in the business. That’s why we at Mobile One Auto Sound carry them at our three locations. Get in touch with us today to discuss how easy it is to improve your ride with an aftermarket iBEAM camera system.

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