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Brand Spotlight: Scosche

Experience Superior Quality from One of the Best Car Audio Brands on the Market

Most drivers care about their car stereo system, so it’s no surprise that many consumers find themselves in search of aftermarket car audio accessories. People are always looking for ways to improve their audio system, find high-quality products, and create a system that is dependable and will stand the test of time. From new car speakers to aftermarket amps, people want to know they’re getting the best quality for their investment, and so it’s critical they buy from the best car audio brands.

One such brand that car stereo enthusiasts have turned to for over 40 years is Scosche. Scosche has many products for all areas of life, but their audio products are some of the best-regarded in the car stereo industry.

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we’re an authorized Scosche dealer, and we offer Scosche car accessories because we know it’s a brand that consumers and installers around the world trust. Scosche was founded in 1980 and has proven itself to be one of the best car audio brands in the world.

Their quality of production, from speakers to amps to cables, and everything in between, is second to none. While many people instantly think of the sexier sides of car audio when the topic comes up - think bumpin’ subwoofers, aftermarket speakers, and awesome car amplifiers - many forget about the more technical side of things. When it comes to a car stereo system that seamlessly works together and delivers top-notch sound, things like proper installation, and having the right cords and adapters for all types of devices, are paramount.

Scosche Cables and Adapters

It’s important for the owner of the system to have cords and adapters so that devices can connect to the sound system. Scosche has understood this for decades and has created some of the best adapters and cables on the market. Scosche car accessories make it easy for car owners to plug any device into their system and get smooth and clean playback.

Scosche offers auxiliary cords that can easily connect a device to the stereo system and deliver a versatile system. These durable cords can be connected from a cellular device directly to an audio player for easy playback.

Some modern devices don’t have a headphone jack, but Scosche has prepared for that with USB-C audio adapters and Bluetooth capabilities that easily connect to mobile devices. This highlights how Scosche can innovate as technology changes and ensure that any product you buy from them will be up-to-date for several years, if not decades.

Scosche Car Audio Installation

Scosche offers complete installation solutions, dash kits, wire adapters, installation tools, and parts, and speaker adapters. As you can see, Scosche offers modern solutions for any audio system installation that needs to be performed, and their breadth of products is great.

Anyone who has ever tried to customize their car audio system knows that it's difficult to find hardware that works together well. Once the hardware is found, it isn’t always clear if the hardware is durable. Many hardware kits break down the line because they are poorly made.

Scosche solves this problem with their amazing hardware kits for installation. Installers, such as Mobile One Auto Sound, understand that Scosche hardware is durable and that there is an array of installation devices they offer. Scosche car audio installation devices are high quality and always deliver outstanding performance.

Car Audio Installation in Gretna, Covington, and Metairie

If you are interested in getting a car audio system installed by an installer like Mobile One Audio Sound, consider Scosche products. As you can see, few manufacturers can match the breadth and depth of product offerings that Scosche has available, and they should be any consumer's number one choice. Contact us today to learn more.

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