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Buy a New Car or Truck? Consider Upgrading Your Audio

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Buying a new car or truck can be a rewarding process that has a lasting return on your investment for years to come. While purchasing a car or truck is a financial investment, it is also an emotional investment, but that investment should be positive. So maybe you are not able to afford your dream car or truck just yet, or maybe the next model up was just outside your budget. That’s life, but that also does not mean you have settled or there are not things you can do to give your new ride a little boost. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we serve the greater New Orleans area with upgrades to your cars, trucks and even boats. From window tinting solutions to automatic starts, those are just a few of the projects our professional team successfully complete day-after-day at one of our three locations. Beyond those jobs, what we really specialize in is car audio systems and solutions. And what better time to upgrade your car audio system than on a brand new car or truck to boost it to the next level in audio sound, technology and navigation.

Upgrading your car or truck’s audio system does not have to be a complete overhaul. Our team has years of experience upgrading stock audio, integrating it seamlessly into your vehicle without a scratch. From a single speaker to a complete change in the audio system, our team at Mobile One Auto Sound is ready to help get the sound you want in your new vehicle and we are here to guide you through the decision-making process to help you understand your options.

Building a new car audio system does not have to strain your budget, especially since you recently purchased your new car or truck. The process can be done incrementally overtime, one stage at a time. Creating a plan of attack and a budget will allow your to create the best system on the market upgraded with the newest technology. Not only that, but incrementally upgrading your audio allows you to appreciate what you have as well as appreciate the new experience revealed from adding and upgrading to new components. But where is a good starting place?

Replace your factory head unit or ‘stereo’ by installing a new receiver can mean more power and better sound. Not only that, but upgrading your stereo unit means taking advantage of the latest and greatest in technology that is on the market. From CD and MP3 compatible stereos to the HD Radio, satellite radio and Bluetooth capabilities for a streaming audio experience, technology has grown quickly over the years and continues to grow within the car audio industry.


The highest quality sound can come from component speakers because they are designed to put out the best quality audio possible. Full-range speakers are a budget-friendly alternative that contain everything the speaker requires, in one while component speakers involves split subwoofers, tweeters and crossovers. Updating each piece of your car one at a time can allow for a budget-friendly endeavor while you listen your way to a new complete system. Usually stock car speakers are low-powered and in order to get the best possible sound, a vehicle typically needs to move into a higher powered world. Once the power level is determined, anything from woofers to tweeters to crossovers can be installed or upgraded.

Amp it up

After replacing your speakers, adding power to them can be a rewarding process allowing your components to reach their full potential. This additional power to speakers and a car stereo system brings out detail in the music as well as adding clarity. Enter, the amp. A 4-channel amp is often used to power your front and rear speakers. When you add more power to your car or truck’s stock audio system, you improve its dynamic range meaning you get better sound as a result. More power as a foundation means building out your audio components with the potential for adding additional speakers.

Bump it up

Ready to set off your neighborhood car alarms with you tunes? Installing a subwoofer is often the best feeling in updating a vehicle’s audio system because you not only hear the music like never before, but you feel the music with added bass.

Additional accessories

As technology continually improves and changes, so do the trends hitting the car and truck audio system world. For instance, road noise cancellation systems are continually popping up on the market as vehicles continue to get lighter made with electric-focused materials and engineering. Much like what is found in your portable headphones, noise cancellation is a technology hitting the car industry. Additionally, another trend in car audio is having more control over your speakers and their locations within your vehicle. Not only that, but some cars are taking it to the next level with speakerless car audio technology which aims at reducing overall weight of traditional speakers and replacing them with surface vibrations.

Whether you are a new car owner or you are just looking to upgrade your current vehicle’s audio system, technology is continually expanding and the team at Mobile One Auto Sound works tirelessly to keep up with trends that are available in today’s market. From voice controlled AI systems like Amazon’s Echo Auto or Apple’s version to CarPlay and Android Auto, new standards are being set for optimum control and safety on the road. What this means is whether you are commuting to work in the greater New Orleans area, going on a vacation, or just out for a drive, your experience inside your vehicle will change and can change through a car audio system upgrade.

Ready for an upgrade but need some financial help? Working with Mobile One Auto Sound means having access to flexible payment programs without an extensive credit history. Apply now to learn more regarding our loan program and application process here. Our team of professional installers from our three locations in Metairie, Covington and Gretna, provide customers throughout the greater New Orleans region with affordable solutions geared at upgrading your car or truck’s audio system and staying up-to-date with the latest technology. Our team will take a look at your budget and work with you so that we are not only customizing your vehicle’s audio system, but we are creating a unique experience for you. For over 30 years we have been installing audio equipment and working with customers to serve our community. Give our team a call today or swing by one of our locations to book your next appointment.

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