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Car Features ALL Drivers Will Want in New Orleans

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Man sitting in car and turning on his stereo

Mobile One Auto Sound is the Ideal Car Audio Store Near You for High-Quality Upgrades

Aftermarket car accessories are an awesome long term investment to get the most out of your car. But when it comes to making changes to your vehicle, it can be intimidating trying to decide what might be best for you.

With an endless amount of new technology and fast-changing trends, it’s hard to know where to start, let alone what works best for your vehicle. When it comes to adding new features to your car, it’s best to have it professionally installed and purchased from a place you can trust.

Whether it’s giving your car speakers an added boost or upping the security on your vehicle, Mobile One Auto Sound has an incredible range of car accessories to choose from. Anyone from a first time driver to a veteran car enthusiast would enjoy our most popular upgrades.

At Our Car Audio Store Near You, a New Stereo System Is an Obvious Choice

What better way to get your money’s worth than upgrading a system you use every day? For almost everyone, a car stereo is a non-negotiable.

Whether it’s playing your favorite tunes or listening to podcasts on our daily commutes, with a new stereo system, you’ll have high quality sound and a reliable stereo that you can count on. Mobile One Auto Sound can help you decide what head unit and amplifier will work best for you.

Apple CarPlay and Android Audio are popular upgrades for every kind of car owner. These features make hooking your mobile device up to your car easier than ever and adds a layer of safety, as connectivity keeps your focus on the road with voice-activated controls.

Stay Alert with Radar Detection

This may not be the first thing you think of when you’re looking to make some upgrades to your car, but radar detection is a great way to add an extra layer of attention to your drives, and it’s one of the more affordable upgrades!

Radar detection picks up on activity from law enforcement officers’ devices, giving you the ability to drive without the worry of speeding tickets or traffic stops. Your detector will give you a heads-up, so you can check your speed before you reach a speed trap.

  • Corded

  • Cordless

  • Remote mount

No matter what you choose, make sure you get it professionally installed, as each of these types of radar detection have specific needs that an installation team can assist with.

Listen Up with New Subwoofers and Car Speakers

Subwoofers give an extra added boost to your car stereo system that will make you feel like you’ve got a brand new ride. When you have a subwoofer professionally installed, you can enjoy amplified bass notes from your favorite music.

Don’t forget to choose other car speakers while you’re at it. Upgraded aftermarket car speakers help create a clarity of sound so you can hear your tunes the way the original recording artist intended. Never miss a note with these car audio upgrades.

Feel Safer with a Car Security System

Arguably one of the most beneficial car features is a security system. Often, the simple, factory-provided car security system isn’t the best protection for your vehicle.

Get lots of perks with an advanced car security system, including:

  • Smartphone control and monitoring

  • Backup battery

  • Alarms

  • Motion sensors

  • Panic buttons

  • Starter interrupt

  • Tilt sensors

  • Trunk protection

  • Tracking

The best part of upgrading your security system is that the control is completely in your hands. These smart, protective functions are made with your needs and safety in mind. This particular feature also adds great value to your car and will save you money in the long run by preventing break-ins and damages.

A Remote Start Guarantees Comfort

Remote start is a simple, yet life-changing way to elevate your car. Especially during months of extreme temperatures, starting your vehicle remotely is a great way to get your car ready to go before you even step out the front door. During rare Louisiana cold snaps, your remote start can help your vehicle’s engine reach the appropriate temperature..

Remote start is also a helpful security measure - this is a much safer option than leaving your keys in your car and risking potential theft. A remote start system prevents your vehicle from being driven without keys.

Shop with Us in Metairie, Gretna, or Covington, Louisiana

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a car feature that can fit you, your vehicle, and your lifestyle. With three locations in the New Orleans area, Mobile One Auto Sound can install any of these awesome upgrades for you, and at a reasonable price. Find a car audio store near you.

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