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Car Security Systems Keep You And Your Belongings Safe

Not Just Your New Orleans Car Audio Experts, We Help Protect Your Car Too

Investing in a next-level car security systems adds an element of protection to your car and the contents inside, including your car stereo and other equipment. Your car is likely one of the biggest assets you have, and most people can’t afford for someone to tamper with their car. Don’t rely on factory security measures to protect your valuables, and, in many cases, your livelihood. The experts at Mobile One Auto Sound take it to the next level. Not only do we perform the best car audio installation, we also have measures to protect your new technology.

Still not convinced that you need to upgrade your car security? Every year, over a million cars are stolen or damaged by thieves. Prevent and deter potential threats with better security systems, installed by our experts.

Car Alarms Are Your First Line of Defense - Add One To Your Remote Start Purchase

By far the most popular car security system we add on to other car stereo and remote start installations, car alarms are fairly inexpensive and effective. Car alarms trigger an audible alarm when someone tries to break into an equipped car or stands too close to one. The loud alarm sound is meant to scare the thief off and deter them from doing further damage.

There are two types of car alarms that you might come across: passive and active systems. Passive systems are automatically armed when your engine is off and the doors are locked. No extra action is needed for passive systems - just enjoy the protection. Active systems, on the other hand, require you to push a button to arm the system and protect your car.

Many vehicles have some kind of factory alarm system, but many people think their cars have alarms when they just have anti-theft systems that lock the doors from a remote. Our experts in security and car audio in New Orleans are willing to take a look at your car’s current security to see if your vehicle is adequately protected.

Added Benefit Of Car Security Installation By Your New Orleans Car Audio Experts

As discussed already, the main goal of car security is to protect the vehicle itself from being stolen and to make sure the belongings inside are protected as well. There is another added benefit that not many people even know they are able to take advantage of with next-level car security.

Our experts may have a soft spot for maintaining the reputation as the best car audio installation near you in New Orleans, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t professionals with a wide range of skills. When you let our professionals install security systems on your car, reach out to your insurance agent and ask about what discounts are available to you for installing your security system. You could see a nice decrease in your monthly premiums, depending on your policy and other factors.

Don’t forget to use those savings wisely on other aftermarket upgrades like car stereo installation, upgraded car speakers, remote start systems, and more.

We’re A New Orleans Car Audio Shop - With Security Systems!

That is correct! Not only are we the best place to go for car audio near you in New Orleans, we’re the best place to go for all kinds of aftermarket products and installation. Period. Don’t let the name Mobile One Auto Sound fool you. We offer various options and features in our security systems, including:

  • 1- or 2-way communication

  • 6,000 foot range

  • Impact sensors

  • Remote lock/unlock

  • Backup battery

  • Siren

  • Door & window motion sensors

  • And more!

Visit one of our three locations in Metairie, Gretna, or Covington to work with professional installers who will get your car done right. No need to be worried about mistakes or incorrect installation. We stand by our work, and you can even enjoy lifetime warranties on some security and remote start products as well. Don’t hesitate to call or message us to get your upgrade started. Each of our locations can be reached at the following numbers:

Covington - (985) 809-0172

Metairie - (504) 454-5104

We also have a contact form online that you can fill out for assistance as well. You have plenty of ways to get the help you need with your needs for car security, protection, and car audio in New Orleans. Let the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound perfect your ride.

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Stephen Adams
Stephen Adams
Mar 29, 2023

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