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Choosing the Best Rear-Seat Entertainment System for Your Family

How to find the best rear seat entertainment system for you and your family is easy with the help of the on-site service professionals at Mobile One Auto Sound.

Mobile One Auto Sound provides top quality products and brands and even has professional installation services to make sure that your investment is in the best hands. Offering this top notch service and helping you find the best rear seat entertainment system fit for you, your family, and your vehicle’s needs is just the beginning of the Mobile One Auto Sound team’s abilities.

What’s the Source of Entertainment?

Rear-seat entertainment systems have options for playing your kids’ favorite movie (over and over, and over again). You can choose a seatback entertainment system that accepts DVDs if that is your primary form of video watching - an aftermarket car DVD player.

Many of our seatback entertainment systems offer other ways to watch Frozen as well. Options like HDMI hook-ups, USB ports, SD card slots, and even connecting via the Voxx Link app for both Android and iPhone compatibilities.

Many of our seat-back entertainment options have multiple options for getting those favorite giggles from the back seat while you focus on driving. Whether you’re grabbing a few DVDs from the entertainment center as you walk out the door, or you’ve got everything downloaded on a USB that can be taken anywhere, there’s an aftermarket seatback entertainment system for you.

What Kind Of Rear-Seat Entertainment Installation Will Work Best For Your Needs?

There are several options for seat back entertainment system installation. The first thing to consider when thinking about an aftermarket seatback entertainment system is how many screens you need for your vehicle, or if you’ll want to use the aftermarket car DVD player for multiple vehicles. This will affect the rear-seat entertainment installation.

If you’ll only be using the screens for one vehicle, you can either establish a built-in custom headrest rearseat entertainment system or opt for a removable option for flexibility. If you’re interested in using the screens for multiple vehicles, opting for a removable option can be a more economical option than opting for the built-in headrest option for each vehicle.

If you’re going to choose the built-in headrest option for your vehicle, consider how many headrests you currently need, and how many you may need. Opting to install both headrest entertainment systems for the backseat at the same time, could make more sense in the long run. Do you have a third row seat that you need to install in-seat entertainment for as well? Consider all of these options when consulting with our Mobile One Auto Sound team for what’s right for you and your family.

Who Gets Control of the Seatback Entertainment?

While most seatback entertainment systems can be controlled on the device, there’s a wide variety of reasons that the front seat adults may want to control what’s going on in terms of back seat entertainment.

Your child’s age may have an impact on whether or not you’d like to control the rear seat entertainment from the front seat - or even just their maturity level. While children who are very young may not have the ability to operate a rear seat entertainment system, children with a lack of maturity may not have earned the option of operating the system themselves, or may need parental supervision while doing so.

Some things that parents/adults may want to control from the front seat include both volume and content. If you receive a phone call and want to quickly mute the rear seat entertainment systems, the app controlled from your smartphone will allow you to do that. If you need to help set up the volume and audio to be distributed through Bluetooth headphones, having access to the app from your phone can help you do that.

Controlling content is the main reason that adults choose to control the rear seat entertainment from the phone application. Helping the back seat passengers choose what to watch, change the channel, fast forward, rewind, and more can all be done from the comfort of your smartphone and the front seat, instead of from stretching around to the back seat and fumbling to press the right buttons.

Having control of the seatback entertainment from the Voxx Link app is a key selling point for many families looking to upgrade their road trip assets to include an aftermarket rear-seat entertainment system. If this is something that your family would benefit from, make sure you communicate this to our expert staff at Mobile One Auto Sound so that they can help you find the right system for you.

Other SeatBack Entertainment Options

If video isn’t enough to keep your passengers entertained, examine rear-seat entertainment options that allow for application downloads, so that they can play their favorite games and keep their minds busy and occupied during your journey.

Our Mobile One Auto Sound team would be happy to talk to you about leveling up your travel and commute with the AVXSB10UHD system. Not only does this system allow your passengers to watch DVDs, and can be controlled via the mobile app, this system has the flexibility needed to download all of your favorite applications - games, music, etc. - to make getting there just as fun as the actual destination. Is application use something that would benefit your family along for the ride? Consider this feature when looking at what seatback entertainment system installation you need for your ride.

Are You Ready to Find the Best Rear-Seat Entertainment System For Your Family?

Mobile One Auto Sound is here to help you find the best, high quality rear seat entertainment for you, your family, and what will work best for your vehicle. Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans is proud to offer financing options and also lease-to-own options with no credit needed. Talk to one of the awesome team members about these options and which could work for you. If you are ready to start talking with a service professional about purchasing and installing your new rear seat entertainment system for your vehicle, contact the team by calling us, messaging us, or coming into one of our convenient New Orleans metro locations.

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