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Did You Know? Your Car Can Be Safer With an Upgraded Security System

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

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Keep Your Vehicle Safe When You Get a Car Security System Installed

Protecting yourself and your vehicle should be your top priority. It may seem like just locking your car doors is enough to keep intruders out - but there’s so much more you can do to have added security in your car.

Unfortunately, vehicle theft has been on the rise the last few years - there have been 461 auto thefts in 2023, averaging at 23 per day. Keeping your car safe has never been more important - and security systems for cars have never been more advanced.

When you upgrade your security system, you’ll feel safer and happier knowing your vehicle is taken care of.

Car Alarms Aren’t Always Enough

Have you ever been relaxing, and suddenly you hear a blaring car alarm? You might peek out the window to check if it’s yours, but most likely, you move on and wait for it to be over. We hear car alarms going off so regularly, they’re not as much protection as we think.

Having a car alarm is the most common form of a security system in a vehicle. You may think having a basic car alarm built into your vehicle is enough to keep thieves away, however, that’s not always the case.

If you don’t have a full car security system in your vehicle it’s recommended you find car alarm installation near you. A loud alarm can be the basis of your security system, but it shouldn’t be the only protection you have.

Car thieves have found ways to bypass car alarms in several different ways, including duplicating keys. Even with that aside, hearing a car alarm going off doesn’t always keep someone from entering your vehicle. This is what makes having a security system for your car so important.

Car Security System Upgrades You’ll Love

There are many different ways to keep your car safe, and that starts with getting a car security system installed. Depending on your type of car, make, and model, there are upgrades for everyone, and professionals have worked on them all.

When you get a car security system installed, it is customized to what your needs are. Here are several of the features that are offered with professional installation:

Smartphone Control

Having the ability to control several aspects of your car security system from your smartphone is an incredible added protection.

Smartphone control and monitoring allows you to lock and unlock your car doors and trunk remotely will give you peace of mind - especially on busy days when you’re finally sitting at your desk and thinking, “Did I lock my car?”

These smartphone features have unlimited range, meaning you can control your vehicle from anywhere - even from an entirely different state! With an upgraded security system, you’ll be able to ease any worries with a tap on your phone screen.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors for your car’s doors and windows are a great upgrade for a security system and will allow you to detect when someone approaches your vehicle. This feature is particularly useful for those who park in busy or highly congested areas, as you can detect when someone approaches your vehicle when they shouldn’t. This will protect your car from having curious thieves peek into your car windows.

Panic Button

A panic button is an extremely useful part of an upgraded security system. Having this type of button on your car keys allows you to react quickly if you ever need to. This is a great added benefit of an updated security system for your car.

Trunk Protection

Trunks are often the way that thieves break into cars - it’s also where people tend to store anything of value in their vehicles. Having extra protection on your trunk will keep intruders out and your valuables inside.

Remote Start

Remote start systems allow you to warm up or cool off your vehicle ahead of time, which is better for your vehicle's overall health. On top of that,you can keep your car locked while it runs in your driveway or work parking lot. Conversely, if you were to leave your keys in your vehicle while letting it run, the risk of it getting stolen is much higher, and is basically a green flag for thieves to commit a crime of opportunity.

Get Your Upgraded Security System Today at Mobile One Auto Sound

Hopefully, there are many of these features that never end up being used in your vehicle. However, it’s always when we don’t have these features that we end up needing them. Don’t you want to be prepared?

Get your upgraded security system at any one of our three New Orleans metro locations. Contact us or visit one of our stores to get started!

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Karl Vick
Karl Vick
Apr 27

Highly recommend Residential Locksmith company for their upgraded security solutions. The added layers of protection give me confidence in the safety of my home and family.


Ferenc Davies
Ferenc Davies
May 23, 2023

In this modern era, thieves easily steal cars and bikes with the help of master keys. Always choose Locksmith Honolulu experts because they have skilled and qualified staff, who have the capability to deal with all types of vehicles security systems at a reasonable cost.

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