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Do They Make Sound Systems for ATVs?

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

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Find Out How You Can Customize Your Off-Road Vehicle for an Unforgettable Adventure

Spring weather means muddy and thrilling adventures on your ATV, but just think about how much better it would be with your favorite tunes blasting in the background. But you can’t put a professional sound system on an ATV - or can you?

Yes! You can have a high-quality, head-turning ATV sound system, just like you can with any other vehicle. Not sure where to start? Take a look at our quick guide to upgrading your ATV for an unforgettable spring and summer outdoors.

Start With the Right Head Unit

A head unit, also known as a source unit, acts as the main control system for your ATV’s sound system. It takes an audio signal, amplifies it, and sends sound to the speakers. Usually, a high-quality head unit for an ATV includes a preamplifier and a power amplifier.

You can take your ATV audio tech a step further by purchasing a head unit that has Bluetooth connection, auxiliary input, RCA line outputs, and controls for adjusting bass, treble, and balance.

Mobile One Auto Sound recommends source units manufactured by Rockford Fosgate. They are a leader in the audio industry and produce some of the best off-road audio products on the market. Ask our team how you can install Rockford Fosgate products in your car, boat, or ATV.

Choose ATV Speakers That Can Stand Up to the Elements

You can’t just put any speakers on an ATV. They need to be resistant to water, dirt, sunlight, and impact. The best speakers for ATVs have adjustable mounts, so they can be installed on a range of roll cages and overhead bars.

Speakers for ATVs come in various styles and configurations. For instance, you can purchase a set of two or four speakers; get speakers shaped like tubes, or opt for custom-made ATV speakers. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we think getting a custom-made ATV sound system is the best way to go, because you have the flexibility to upgrade your speakers to a multi-channel system and get the results you want without having to compromise.

Kick Up Dirt and Sound With a Subwoofer for Your ATV

Yes, you can totally add high-output bass to your ATV! Subwoofers for your ATV are stored in weatherproof cases and need an additional amplifier to give them enough power. You also need special weatherproof wiring, because your ATV is constantly exposed to the elements.

We carry only the best brands for ATV audio at Mobile One Auto Sound. Ask our team of expert installers how we can customize your ATV’s sound system with JL Audio, Kenwood, Metra Power Sports, Rockford Fosgate, and Scosche products - the best of the best.

An ATV Soundbar Can Make a Big Difference

If you want a simple way to rock out on your ATV, then you need to talk to Mobile One Auto Sound about installing an ATV sound bar or audio tube. These ultra-convenient ATV speakers are an all-in-one aftermarket audio accessory for off-road vehicles. It has everything you need for a sensational sound experience:


These are small, but powerful directional speakers that are essential for hearing the human voice and other high-pitched sounds. They are especially useful if you’re syncing your phone up to your audio system and want to hear notifications for text messages and phone calls, which tend to be higher-pitched.


Woofers are not quite like subwoofers, but they are still loudspeakers that produce low-frequency sounds and handle bass notes. The woofers in an ATV soundbar are loud enough to rival your off-road vehicle’s engine, so you can hear your music with clarity.

Midrange Drivers

Also affectionately known as a “squawker,” mid-range drivers handle the middle range of sound frequency. These are one of the most important speakers you can have in any vehicle, because the human ear is most sensitive to the mid-range of frequency. However, the sound they produce by themselves is flat and dull. You need a woofer and tweeters for a full level of sound. Bluetooth Connect your phone wirelessly to stream your favorite tunes or podcasts to your ATV speakers, while you hunt, work the farm, or enjoy off-roading as a hobby.

Installing a sound system for your ATV takes experience, because each component needs to be weatherproof, impact resistant, and installed seamlessly. Figuring out the electrical wiring to get your system working properly is difficult. For best results, bring your off-road vehicle to Mobile One Auto Sound for a professional ATV sound system installation in New Orleans. Our work is warrantied for your satisfaction.

Take Your ATV Sound System Even Further With LED Lighting and More!

Upgrading your ATV with a new audio system is only the beginning. Here at Mobile One Auto Sound, we can completely customize your ATV or UTV with aftermarket lighting. Ask our team about rock lights, heavy duty light bars, and brighter, more durable headlights, so you can see and be seen on your next off-road excursion.

Ready to upgrade your ATV? So are we! Schedule an appointment with one of our three auto customization shops by calling our Metairie location at (504) 454-5104, our Covington location at (985) 809-0172, or our Gretna location at (504) 366-1127. You can even send us a message online.

Don’t forget to talk to Mobile One Auto Sound about improving your vehicle with a remote start and a new car stereo installation. We have several purchase options, so you can customize your car on a budget!

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