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Finally, Quiet Your Commute with Sound Damping!

How Damping Mats and Car Audio Upgrades Can Soundproof Your Vehicle

Sometimes the noise coming from the road is so loud you can’t talk to the other people in your car or hear the directions of your GPS. The noise you hear in the cabin of your car is usually from three sources: the mechanical components, tires, and wind. Thankfully, soundproofing your vehicle is a lot more simple than you think.

Sound damping and upgrading your car audio system are the perfect way to soundproof your car, because they minimize rattles and hush annoying noise from the road. If you’re ready for a more quiet commute and better sound quality for your daily drive, check out these 3 tips on how to soundproof your car.

Sound Damping Mats

Let’s start with the number one way to soundproof your car: sound damping mats and material. One of the biggest sources of noise that enters your car is from the undercarriage. That’s because it’s thinner than it seems and is close to the ground. You can soundproof the floor of your car with damping mats.

Damping mats are made with durable, soundproof material that absorbs noise and reduces vibration. Installing dampening mats depends on your vehicle and how quiet you want your drive to me. Some damping mats are pre-cut, while others are cut to size before being installed. Sound damping mats are an investment, so make sure you get to an expert and skip installing your sound damping mats yourself.

How Are Damping Mat Different From Standard Floor Mats?

Standard floor mats are only meant to collect dirt, protect the carpet of your vehicle, and add a touch of comfort to your feet. They aren’t made with soundproofing materials, and do little to prevent noise from entering the interior of your car.

Upgrade Your Car Audio

Sound damping mats are super effective for soundproofing your car, but the process is cut and dry - install quality sound damping material and drive away in peace. However, upgrading and customizing your car audio is an adventure! Not only do you get to find tweeters and subs that optimize your listening experience, you get to impress your passengers, too!

Not sure how upgraded car audio can help your commute? Look at the way car speakers can give your ride surround sound:

Subwoofers to Get Low

Subwoofers produce low notes that emphasize the bass in your favorite music. These car speakers require a lot of power that needs to be supplied by an extra amplifier. If you don’t have enough power for your subs, they will sound weak and distorted.

Tweeters to Hit the High Notes

Tweeters are small car speakers that are absolutely necessary for hearing high-frequency sounds, like female voices, piano music, and sound effects. They need to be installed in certain areas of your car to get the best sound quality.

Go For Gold With Rockford Fosgate Prime Speakers

Turn your car into a concert with Rockford Fosgate Prime Speakers. They’re made with the highest-quality materials to truly turn the audio system in your car into an experience. This powerful upgrade instantly improves your car audio and can handle high volumes, while also providing clear sound.

Insulate Your Car Doors

Your car doors are made with minimal insulation, which means they are basically an empty cavity inside. Sound from the wind and road can easily make its way into your car and vibration from your tires rolling on the road can cause things like your car speakers to rattle. Installing extra insulation in your car doors requires you to remove your door panel, which requires special tools. Avoid a costly mistake, and make sure you ask an expert about the best way to install insulation in your car doors.

Is Soundproofing Your Car New Car Audio and Sound Damping Worth It?

If you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of time in your car. When you’ve had a bad day, the last thing you want to do is hear the wind blast over your favorite podcast or music. Why not make the best of your drive time by soundproofing your car?

Remember, soundproofing your car doesn’t require you to upgrade your car speakers and install sound damping mats all at once. All you need to do is ask an auto technician to help you come up with a customized timeline to quiet your car. They can tell you where to start and how to stay within your budget.

Where Can I Find the Best Car Sound Proofing Near Me?

We can eliminate noise and quiet down your commute at Mobile One Auto Sound, where our technicians know everything about car audio and sound damping. We only carry the best brands in auto solutions, and can expertly install any product you pick out for your vehicle.

Installing sound damping material also makes your cabin cozy, too! To ask us how sound damping can improve your vehicle’s HVAC system and make your cabin quieter, call our Covington location at (985) 809-0172, our Gretna shop at (504) 366-1127, our Metairie location at (504) 454-5104, or contact us online. We can’t wait to help you at Mobile One Auto Sound, where we’ve been providing New Orleans with the top vehicle tech for over 25 years!

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