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From ATV Sound Systems to Car Remote Starts

See Our Top 7 Auto Accessories to Upgrade Your Vehicle This Summer

Are you searching for the best auto solutions in New Orleans? Then look no further than Mobile One Auto Sound, where you’ll find everything you need to customize your vehicles. Whether you want an ATV sound system or car stereo installation, we’ve got the technicians and tools to get the job done right the first time.

Our technicians are passionate about installing high-quality aftermarket auto accessories. So we put together a top list of our favorite upgrades so you can ride into summer in style!

1. Car Remote Starts

Don’t you love the way your skin sticks to hot leather seats in the summer? Neither do we! That’s why the experts at Mobile One recommend installing a remote start for your car, truck, or SUV.

With the click of a button or a tap on your smartphone you can turn on your car, and get the AC blasting before you even step outside. This will save your makeup from melting, stop your steering wheel and seats from burning your skin, and help you keep your cool all summer long.

2. Sound Damping

While your kids do cause a lot of commotion in your car, the majority of noise actually comes from outside your vehicle. Vibration from the road, the roar of your engine, and the wind rushing by all contribute to a less peaceful drive.

Thankfully, you can get the best out of your audio system and find some extra zen during your daily commute with sound damping. It can calm vibrations from the road and insulate your doors to stop outside noise from entering your cabin.

3. Car Stereo Installation

You can’t truly enjoy your drive without a high-quality car stereo installation. Each speaker and component in a comprehensive sound system plays an important role in your listening experience. For instance, perfectly installed tweeters in just the right location allow you to listen to the high-notes in crystal clear clarity.

Combine your tweeters with bass-producing subs and a high-powered amp, and you can turn your car into a theater. Schedule an appointment with Mobile One Auto sound to discuss how you can customize a car stereo installation just for your listening style.

4. Dash Cams

Dash cams have come a long way since they first hit the market in the early 80s. Now you can edit and upload your dash cam’s video footage, too.

You can take your dash cam to the next level by having a technician at Mobile One install a dash cam with a radar detector. That way, you can receive real-time alerts and early warnings for red lights, speed traps, and traffic jams.

5. ATV Sound System and Aftermarket Lighting

The latest trend in off-road vehicles is an ATV sound system installation. Take your tunes on the trail with ATV speakers, subs, and source units that are weather and water resistant. You can even install an ATV sound system that connects with your smartphone, so you can stream your favorite podcast whenever, and wherever, you want.

After you make your ATV sound incredible, turn heads with aftermarket lighting! Set the mood by choosing from over 100 colors produced by LED lights that can take on the tough terrain and light up the night.

6. Accident Avoidance System

Installing an accident avoidance system is the only way to get behind the wheel confidently. Talk to our experts about a 360 degree view kit that allows you to see completely around your vehicle. You can even get an overhead view to make sure there’s enough clearance for those ultra-low parking garages.

Install blindspot detectors and backup cameras to ensure you can change lanes without an accident and you can safely back out of our driveway without injuring a pedestrian. Whether you want more protection on the road or more security for your vehicle, we’ve got you covered at Mobile One.

7. Motorcycle Audio

Feel the wind and hear your personal soundtrack with premium motorcycle audio. That’s right! Just like your ATV, you can upgrade your motorcycle with an awesome sound system. In fact, you can even install plug-and-play subwoofers for your motorcycle that fit in your saddlebags and don’t even require tools.

Worried about the elements? Don’t be! Aftermarket motorcycle accessories are made with materials that stand up to the hot summer sun and are weather and water resistant. Schedule an appointment with our installers to discuss how you can upgrade your motorcycle audio today!

Spend Summer In Style With Mobile One Auto Sound!

Mobile One Auto Sound wants to make your summer unforgettable with aftermarket upgrades that turn heads and make waves. From speakers for ATVs to custom LED lighting for your boat, we have what it takes to get your summer started.

To schedule an appointment for your upgrade, call our shop in Metairie at (504) 888-4922, our shop in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our Gretna location at (504) 366-1127, or send us a message online. Make sure you check out our purchasing options to easily finance your upgrades and installations!

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