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Holiday Gift Guide: Backseat Entertainment Systems

What Aftermarket Rear Seat Entertainment System Options To Consider Giving

Another holiday season will be here before we know it. Soon, it will be time for making Christmas lists and attending lighting events. Of course, the holiday season also comes with shopping for friends and loved ones and trying to find the perfect gifts.

We’re here to give you an option for two of the hardest types of people you shop for every year: car lovers and families with kids. This option is aftermarket car upgrades and, more specifically, backseat entertainment systems.

Let Mobile One Auto Sound help you add a level of luxury to your car-loving giftee’s vehicle or reduce some stress on your parent friends with backseat entertainment installation.

What is a Backseat Entertainment System?

In the simplest terms, rear seat entertainment is a television in the backseats of your vehicle. The concept is exactly what the term suggests: an entertainment system that is installed in the car for the sole purpose of entertaining the passengers in the rear. These systems will be installed differently in different vehicles depending on the design of the interior and your desired price point. Some aftermarket rear entertainment systems mount to the roof of the vehicle and flip down for the passengers to see. Other systems include upgrading your headrests to special headsets with screens installed. Still others simply strap onto the back of the front seats. These systems have evolved to many different input options, ensuring you can find a system that will work for anyone you’re shopping for.

Different Styles of Rear Seat Entertainment

Although the end goal of these systems is the same - to keep passengers entertained and happy (and quiet, in the case of those kids) - there are many different ways of getting there and different cars will need different considerations. We’ll take a look at the most popular options for backseat entertainment systems.

  1. Clamp-On: The easiest way to get rear seat entertainment in a vehicle is to opt for a clamp-on system. Monitors for this system are installed by clamping onto the headrest posts. These usually vary between seven- and ten-inch screens that have adjustable angles to ensure all passengers can see at the angle they need. Many of these systems also come with wireless headphones to separate the front and backseat entertainment experiences.

  2. Headrest Replacement: A sleeker, more discreet option, headrest replacement is a more sophisticated option for your loved one. This option does require a new headrest, but drivers are much more inclined to accept that when they start to see the benefits the system has on their peace while driving. Moreover, there are companies that are building replacement headrests that match the exact factory headrest as well, making it easier for those that like the original design of the vehicle to transition to aftermarket options.

  3. Overhead: Not all cars have an adjustable headrest in the front, so it will be important to know that about your giftee’s vehicle. You may have to look at other options for rear seat entertainment systems, and that is where overhead systems come in. A professional can mount the system to the roof of the car, featuring ten- to 19-inch screens that can include HDMI compatibility and HD video playback. Pro Tip: Make sure you get them a system with dome lights, as overhead systems often require the factory lights to be removed.

Your Loved One Will Enjoy a New Backseat Entertainment For Their Car

You’ve found the right place to start and finish shopping for upgrades for your loved one. Mobile One Auto Sound is proud to be your choice for quality installations on backseat entertainment systems in the New Orleans metropolitan area. We are 100 percent confident in our work, and we stand by it, so you can be confident as well.

Just because sound is in our name doesn't mean we don’t have other options for you to give as well. No matter if it’s a stereo, speaker system, remote start, or other accessory installed by our professionals, we guarantee high performance and lifetime warranties on most of our products. We also help many people like you get security systems installed as well with features like two-way communication, extended range, and motion sensors.

Want more information before settling on your gift? Send us a message, or call the closest location to you:

Covington - (985) 809-0172

Metairie - (504) 454-5104

We’ll get you situated with the perfect gifts to win Christmas and add value to your loved one’s vehicle.

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