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How Do Car Stereos Work?

Why You Should Get Car Audio in New Orleans From the Professionals

You use your car audio system every day, but how much do you really know about it? The hypnotic sounds from your car stereo seem like nothing but electric waves, but the process is much more complex. If you’re looking to upgrade your car audio in New Orleans, check out how these three essential car stereo components work, and why you should skip a DIY car stereo installation.

Car Stereo Receiver

Car stereo receivers, also known as head units, are the major components in any car audio system. Not only do they provide easy access to your audio features, they also save space in your vehicle. When you look at your home stereo system, you’ll see a separate space for a CD player, radio tuner, auxiliary hook ups, and different cables for your television and speakers. However, the compact space of your vehicle can’t accommodate these separate audio components, which is why you need a special receiver.

Head units give you control over various media players through your smartphone. Most newer car stereo receivers also come with Bluetooth capabilities, which is the easiest way to listen to music and navigate through your playlists. Stereo receivers also allow you to customize the bass and treble, or you can find a unit that automatically adjusts the settings for an optimal listening experience.

Car Audio Installation FYI: Did you know the wiring for your vehicle’s head unit is extremely close to the electrical components of your air conditioner? If you don’t put your dash together the correct way, you’ll be spending summer sweating in your car. That’s why you need to get your car audio in New Orleans installed at Mobile One Auto Sound, where our professional installers get it right the first time.

Car Audio Amplifier

Sound needs power so you can hear it. For instance, the parts of our ear that allow us to hear sound loudly enough for our brains to recognize it are called ossicles. In our vehicles, we use amplifiers to power sound. In terms of car stereo installation, amplifiers work in two main stages: pre-amplified and amplified. When your audio signal is in the pre-amplified stage, your car stereo can push out just enough power to get sound to your speakers or stock amplifier.

While your audio does work without an amplifier, your speakers won’t be very loud and the noise from the road might drown out your music or podcast. Many newer vehicles are manufactured with an inbuilt car amplifier, but they still don’t produce adequate sounds for most drivers. The only way to get big sound out of your speakers is to install an aftermarket amplifier. That way, each of your speakers can pull enough power to work at peak performance.

Car Audio Installation FYI: Most experts recommend oxygen free copper (OFC) wiring for car amplifiers. Unfortunately, copper wiring is hard to find. Many people opt for copper clad aluminum (CCA), which doesn’t carry the current you need to appropriately power your amp. Don’t get your wires crossed. Call the professionals at Mobile One Auto sound for the best car stereo installation near you!

Car Speakers

There are two things you absolutely need to hear music in your car - a head unit and car speakers. Your speakers take the output from your head unit and convert them into mechanical energy, which creates the sound you jam to when you’re behind the wheel. This sound results from air vibrating a paper cone in your speakers precisely to produce specific notes in a certain frequency range.

However, basic car speakers need to cover a wide frequency range and have trouble hitting the super-low bass notes and reaching the ultra-high sounds, like music from a violin. You can get much better sound quality by installing subwoofers and tweeters in your vehicle. In fact, you can install a variety of speakers and amplifiers in your car to completely customize your car audio.

Car Audio Installation FYI: Tweeters are directional and should point toward your ears. Conversely, subwoofers are non-directional and work best when installed on the floor of your car. The trick is finding the right space in your vehicle. With a car stereo installation from Mobile One Auto Sound, you never have to worry about where to put your speakers, because our experts already know. Save yourself time and trouble and always get your car audio installed by the professionals.

How Can I Tell If I Need to Upgrade My Car Audio System?

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your car stereo system, but aren’t sure where to start, there are few simple questions to consider:

Are Your Speakers Broken?

Then you need to talk to a professional about replacing your factory speakers with something better. Think about installing tweeters with your new car speakers, so you don’t have to come back and have them installed later.

Does Your Music Sound Distorted?

If the sound in your car is distorted, you need a new amplifier, which can boost the power and signal from your head unit to your speakers.

Is Your Drive Noisy?

A great car audio installation can cover up annoying sounds from the road, and so does quality sound damping. Talk to your expert installer about the many ways you can quiet your drive with products sold at Mobile One Auto Sound.

Can You Feel the Beat?

True audiophiles really want to feel their music. Installing subwoofers can really bring your music to life. Just remember you’ll need an amp to give them enough power.

Are You Ready to Listen to Your Favorite Playlist?

If you’re stuck listening to the radio or, even worse, CDs, then you need to upgrade your head unit. Finally, listen to your favorite music app in your car.

Get Incredible Car Audio in New Orleans at Mobile One Auto Sound

With car stereo experts like us, you don’t need to worry about a thing when it comes to car audio near you. That’s because we’re dedicated to our customers and passionate about car stereos, vehicle safety solutions, and incredible installations. Don’t make a costly mistake installing your own car stereo system - turn to Mobile One Auto Sound, instead.

To get started on upgrading your car audio system or to talk to a member of our team about purchasing options call our Metairie shop at (504) 454-5104, our location in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our store in Gretna at (504) 366-1127, or send us a message online. Ask us how to pay for your upgrades with our new finance partner, Acima!

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