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How Do You Like Them Apples? 5 Reasons Why Apple CarPlay is the Car Audio Option For You

Apple CarPlay Makes a Play for the Best In-Car Audio System

Cars are no longer bought just for their powerful engines and how much luggage space they have. Consumers increasingly make decisions on which car to purchase based on the in-car entertainment system and other creature comforts.

For in-car smart entertainment systems, the current battle is between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These systems are very similar in functionality and the main reason people choose one over the other is whether they predominantly use Apple or Android phones. In this article, we look at some of Apple CarPlay’s best features and why you might want an Apple CarPlay in-car entertainment system in your car.

iOS 13 features

CarPlay typically works by plugging in your iPhone in the car’s USB port and choosing CarPlay on the car’s touchscreen. From there, the screen in your car will be controlled by your iPhone, so you can leverage all of its power. The interface is simplified and there are big touch buttons for everything because you’re meant to be able to use it while driving.

CarPlay’s core functionality comes from Apple apps. Messages, Music, Calendar, and Maps are all Apple apps that work well through CarPlay. All Apple apps accessed through Apple CarPlay have a familiar look and feel and are instantly recognizable by any iOS user, making for a consistent user experience for anyone who likes Apple products.

Super Siri

If you don’t want to be distracted by a screen at all when driving, then CarPlay gives you access to Siri, Apple’s voice command agent. You can perform a massive list of commands through voice by using Siri. You can ask for directions, play music, or dictate a text message to someone, for example.

Siri isn’t just about voice commands, it’s smarter than that. If you have a calendar entry coming up soon, directions will automatically appear on the screen. When you get into your car at the same time every day, Siri will notice and suggest directions for locations you often drive to, for example.

Third-party apps

Since iOS 13, Apple has expanded CarPlay to allow for third-party apps. This has greatly increased CarPlay’s power, as you can now choose alternative apps for things for navigation and maps. Don’t like Apple Maps? You can now use Google Maps or Waze! Got a Spotify, Audible, or Pandora account? You can now use these for music instead of Apple Music. Even messaging can be replaced with WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

Apps can be arranged on the CarPlay screen easily in the Settings -> CarPlay section on your iPhone.

Car compatibility

Apple CarPlay is increasingly available on a wider range of vehicles as standard. Virtually all major manufacturers include Apple CarPlay as an option, including Acura, Mazda, BMW, Toyota, Chrysler, Volvo, Honda, Dodge, Nissan, Buick, Subaru, Ford, and Volkswagen.

If you decide that Apple CarPlay is for you but your vehicle doesn’t already have it, don’t fret. Searching for ‘car audio installation near me’ or ‘audio store near me’ should throw up a number of options for aftermarket car stereo installation, and for car audio in New Orleans, that means Mobile One Auto Sound.

We can install a car audio system with Apple CarPlay support in virtually any vehicle, and thanks to our use of OEM parts your passengers will never know the difference between a factory-installed audio system and your aftermarket car stereo. We can install new car speakers, too, replacing your vehicle’s bland and ineffective factory-installed speakers.

Some of the best aftermarket in-car audio systems with support for Apple CarPlay come from Kenwood, Pioneer, Jensen and other brands we carry. Get in touch with us today to discuss which of the available options will be best for your vehicle.

Wireless CarPlay

One criticism of CarPlay was you always had to have your iPhone plugged in for it to work. That’s no longer the case, as many vehicles now have support for wireless CarPlay. BMW and Volkswagen were the first manufacturers to implement it, but many others have now followed suit, including Mercedes-Benz, Ford, and GM.

Where Can I Find Aftermarket Car Audio Installation Near Me

If you’d like to add wireless CarPlay to any vehicle, you can with an aftermarket system installed by Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans. Alpine and Pioneer, for example, both make aftermarket in-car audio systems with support for Apple CarPlay that don’t require you to plug in an iPhone via lightning cable. Instead, they use Wi-Fi. Our team of installation experts can ensure proper functionality and compatibility regardless of your vehicle. Contact us today, or stop in to one of our three shops in Metairie, Covington, or Gretna to shop.

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