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How Does Window Tinting Protect What’s Inside Of Your Car?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

The Many Benefits To Window Tinting In New Orleans

Window tinting is commonly looked at as solely a cosmetic car accessory by many people. Confining window tinting into that individual category would be downplaying the other benefits you get when you have tinted windows. Window tinting should be looked at just like other upgrades to your vehicle because it not only adds utility to your vehicle, but also can enhance your driving experience and the value of the vehicle.

Mobile One Auto Sound offers professional window tinting near you at our three New Orleans locations. With professionals performing the tinting, you are able to be confident that your tint will look perfect, no bubbles or cracks, and have supreme durability to last for years to come.

Your car will look beautiful on the outside and we want to dive into some of the benefits you get inside your car as well:

Enhance Privacy and Security

Cars hold some of people’s most valuable belongings, so the safety and security of your car should be imperative. Window tint substantially decreases the visibility into your vehicle compared to an untinted window. This makes it much harder for people passing by to easily see your valuables you may have left in plain sight inside of your vehicle, requiring them to be much more suspicious to try and see your stuff. This is a deterrent and will help protect your vehicle.

Even if you have valuables that you hide and lock up in your car, what if you just got a new car stereo installation? Or some new speakers? Some things you can’t cover up inside of the vehicle, but you could let your window tint do it for you.

Lower Risk Of Glass Shatter

Many people who have been in an accident can relate to the scariness and danger of shattering window glass. Shattered glass is one of the main causes of injury in car accidents because there are no real safety measures in place to combat it. Airbags and seatbelts are made to prevent other serious injuries, but shattered glass can still end in serious cuts or gashes to the driver and passengers.

Window tinting works to hold the pieces of glass together and all in one piece. This keeps the glass together at impact and limits it from shattering and flying all around the vehicle and causing injury.

Along these lines, window tinting would prevent your window from shattering at other impacts as well. Things like flying or falling rock and road debris would have less chance of shattering your windows completely.

Prevents Fading of the Car’s Interior Upholstery

Since cars are such a big investment, most people are buying them with the expectation of making them last as long as they possibly can. Window tinting can help you make this possible.

UV rays from the sun are harmful to the interior upholstery of your car. They can cause fading, weakening, peeling and discoloration of your leather, vinyl, and other surfaces inside of your car. With too much exposure, the sun can do some serious damage to your car's interior; including the dashboard.

Professional window tinting can help you keep your interior looking new!

You Understand The Benefits Of Window Tinting, What’s Next?

We’ve established the benefits of window tinting, but now what?

With so many different materials and manufacturers you can buy your tinting products from, you’ll need some guidance to get this process completed. That’s where we come in for window tinting in New Orleans. We are happy to advise you on the best products for your car and help walk you through that process; we’re much more than just installers. We’re advisors and experts on the solutions for your vehicle.

When it is time for installation, you don’t have to be nervous about common mistakes like bubbling or gaps in your tint, nobody will even be able to tell you got the tint added later!

Our 3 locations are conveniently located throughout the New Orleans area so you always have access to window tinting experts in New Orleans. Call them if you have any tinting questions or concerns:

  1. Covington - (985) 809-0172

  2. Gretna - (504) 454-5104

  3. Metairie - (504) 888-4922

We also allow our customers to contact us online for help as well, so you have plenty of ways to get the help you need. Don’t hesitate to let the experts at Mobile One Auto help you get your vehicle tailored to your liking.

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