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How To Find The Best Car Stereo Installation

What To Look For In An Installer For You Car Audio In New Orleans

When deciding on new car audio components, most shoppers overlook one of the most crucial factors in the process: the installer. The experts who perform your car stereo installations take the time to learn your vehicle and the components you’re buying in order to install your systems perfectly. Selecting a good installer is just about as important as selecting a good product; after all the installer’s hands bring your products to life in your vehicle. Here’s how you can find the most skilled car audio installers near you.

Things Your Car Stereo Installation Expert Should Know

It’s important to be an informed customer and know what to look for in an installer. Being uninformed and trusting the wrong person with your vehicle can be a waste of time and money and can also create bigger issues than just a car audio installation. Ask your installer these questions to make sure they’re fit for your project:

  • What certifications do you have? You most likely won’t know for sure how to fact check their answer, but this is a good question to ask to make sure the person will shoot you straight. If they mention anything about achieving master status it could be someone hyping up their skills. There are usually less than 100 registered master installers at any time, so chances are the person you are dealing with isn’t one. A reputable car audio installer, like ours at Mobile One Auto Sound, will gladly prove their credentials.

  • How much experience do you have? Ideally you’ll find an installer who is a seasoned veteran of several years and has been at the same shop for most of that time. Of course, that is not always the case, but someone with some years under their belt can be skilled enough to complete your car audio project.

  • Can you show examples of past work? Many car stereo installation professionals will keep a catalog of previous work to show prospective customers. This is usually a great way to get to know your installer, their style, and how perfect their installations look.

  • Do your customers have any testimonials for your work? Chances are you were referred to this installer, but if you found them on Google or another way, you can definitely ask if they have any testimonials from satisfied customers who got the same services you are seeking.

Things You Should Know About The New Orleans Car Audio Expert You Choose

Picking your installer is not just about what they can do for you from a service perspective, but you also want to make sure you know what to expect from the installation process so there are no surprises. Some good things to know before making your final decision include:

  • Warranty/Guarantee - Make sure the shop has a warranty or guarantee ensuring their work that you can obtain a hard copy of. Many parts of your vehicle have to be touched and manipulated to perform a successful car stereo installation, so you want to be protected in case you experience any new issues after installation. Additionally, a good installer will know they do great work and have no problem standing behind their installation work, so it’s a good sign when a guarantee is in place.

  • Charges - You’ll want to make sure you know how your installer charges customers. Some shops charge by the hour, and others have flat rates for certain services. Make sure you understand what you are committing to financially before getting anything started.

  • Factory Components - Check with your installer to make sure they plan on returning your factory components. These are good to have for selling the car or even selling to someone looking for parts. These are part of the car you bought and belong to you; don’t let an unethical car audio installer keep them.

Look No Further For The Installation Of Your Car Audio In New Orleans

Mobile One Auto Sound takes pride in performing quality installations on car audio near you in the New Orleans metropolitan area. You can be confident in our work because we stand by it. Whether it’s a car stereo, car speaker system, remote start, or any other aftermarket car accessory need, we offer performance guarantees and lifetime warranties on many products. Learn more by sending us a message, or by calling the closest location to you:

Covington - (985) 809-0172

Metairie - (504) 454-5104

Your New Orleans car audio needs are met at Mobile One Auto Sound - every time!

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