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How to Safely Use Remote Starters

Start Safe With Remote Start Installation in New Orleans

Car remote starters are becoming increasingly popular for their convenience and ease of use. Because of their easy functionality, some people opt for a car remote starter at the time of a new vehicle purchase. But what about the rest of the population that isn’t planning on purchasing a new vehicle? For anyone needing a remote start installation in New Orleans, Mobile One Auto Sound can help with all remote car starters.

Aftermarket remote starters provide the features you need to remotely start your car at any time of the day. Never sit in a hot or cold car again! No doubt a remote starter helps you stay comfortable in your car no matter what the season, but there are some safety tips to consider when operating remote car starters.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

The ability to start your car from anywhere is a convenient feature to have. However, since most systems operate off of a remote start fob, it is possible to accidentally start your vehicle. In order to avoid carbon monoxide buildup, always start your vehicle in a ventilated area. Make sure you keep your keys in your purse or on a key hook when not in use to avoid accidental presses of the button. You also shouldn’t leave your car running for too long without you in it, no matter where it’s parked.

Protect Your Car From Thieves

Although some people are hesitant to start their car remotely and then leave it running, remote starters still keep your car safe from would-be car thieves. Upon starting your vehicle, the doors will automatically lock, and without the key in the ignition, the car’s gears will not move. You can trust your remote starter to keep the vehicle locked and secure while it’s warming up or cooling down.

Lock Up and Stay Locked Up

Do you ever park your car and walk away, only to wonder within a few minutes if you remembered to lock your doors? With a remote starter, you can feel confident that your car is shut tight with the press of a button. Many remote start key fobs have buttons that allow you to lock your doors from an extended range. Some remote starters often include apps for your phone, which you can use to check on your vehicle’s status and location.

No longer will you have to park and walk across a huge parking lot to a store, only to real