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iBeam Brand Spotlight: Why We Love These Car Security System Components

Shop for Backup Cameras and More at Mobile One in Metairie, Gretna, or Covington, Louisiana

iBEAM Vehicle Safety Systems have long been one of Mobile One Auto Sound’s most preferred brands for car security systems. We appreciate iBEAM’s dedication to bringing the latest innovations in security, all at a high level of engineering, at a value price point.

iBEAM ADAS Solutions

iBEAM offers advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) that you can use to reduce the chance of an accident and limit the damage from any accident you are in.

For example, the iBEAM TE-CPSS all-in-one backup camera and parking sensor is a 170-degree camera with a parking sensor that overlays the distance in feet over the backup camera display. A hidden buzzer will provide an audible warning when you’re approaching objects when you’re backing up, making parking in tight spots a cinch.

iBEAM offers nearly 100 different camera products which are often designed for particular vehicles. For instance, you can get a high-quality replacement camera for your Ram 1500, Ford F-150, or Chevy Silverado, all from i-BEAM at Mobile One Auto Sound. This is great if your vehicle’s cameras become scratched or if they malfunction - or if yours didn’t come with one at all - as there’s always a low-cost, high-quality replacement option from iBEAM that perfectly fits your ride.

iBEAM Security Cameras

Beyond backup cameras, iBEAM is one of the top suppliers of camera security systems for the car. With nearly 100 different cameras and mounts for every requirement, you can create an excellent security system for your vehicle at the right price with iBEAM security cameras.

Whether you need a flush-mount micro camera, motion-detection ADAS camera, fixed-angle micro camera, adjustable lens wide-angle camera, or a 55-degree angled camera, iBEAM at Mobile One Auto Sound offers it all. This includes our dashcam installation near you, at all three of our locations in the greater New Orleans area.

iBEAM Complete Car Security Systems

Those security cameras need a central car security system to run, and iBEAM at Mobile One Auto Sound yet again offers everything you need for a complete system. In particular, we can supply security add-ons for Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, Ford, Chevrolet, Mazda, and GM with multiple CAN-controlled cameras.

With these systems, you can add several cameras to your vehicle’s OEM screen. The reverse signal trigger, turn signal trigger, and programmable camera control wires can all be set up by Mobile One Auto Sound technicians for a robust security system that works perfectly with your vehicle’s OEM components.

iBEAM Dashcams and Monitors

One of the benefits of choosing iBEAM products is they can often serve multiple purposes. If you’re wondering, “Can I get dashcam installation near me?,” the answer is yes - at Mobile One Auto Sound. A dashcam is extremely useful for proving you were not at fault in an accident and for recording your drives. With iBEAM’s 4K dual-view dash camera, video recording has never been clearer. With its built-in DVR, recording everything that happens on the road is easy, and installation is simple.

We also love iBEAM’s new 9-inch live-streaming rearview mirror. No matter the load you’re hauling, with a rearview mirror that connects to a 1080p camera, you never have any blind spots. The camera records across 120 degrees and saves video to a memory card so you always have a record of what happened on the road.

iBEAM has a long list of different mirrors, monitors, and cameras designed to fit the many vehicles we install them in. Compact car owners may prefer the auto-dimming mirror with a 4.3-inch monitor, whereas those with more room to spare might opt for iBEAM’s 7-inch monitor with a remote and support for four simultaneous camera feeds.

iBEAM Vehicle-Specific Kits

Looking for a camera kit that fits your vehicle perfectly? iBEAM offers a long list of such kits, and Mobile One Auto Sound can install them for you. For instance, you can get a replacement rear camera kit for your Jeep Gladiator, a spare tire bracket with a flush-mounted backup camera for your Jeep Wrangler, or a side-view camera kit for your Ford F-150. With these vehicle-specific kits from iBEAM, you get a system that’s comparable in style to factory-installed camera systems, but with even more functionality and durability.

If iBEAM cameras, security systems, or dashcams sound interesting to you, get in touch with us here at Mobile One Auto Sound at one of our three locations near New Orleans, Louisiana. We take pride in installing the highest quality security and safety systems in our customers’ vehicles, and we’re always available to discuss what might be the best iBEAM solution for your particular needs.

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