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Is My Window Tinting TOO Dark? New Orleans Window Tint Laws You Should Know

Professional Window Tint Installation at Mobile One Prevents Heartbreak

Window tinting elevates the look of your ride, and as such, it’s one of the most popular car upgrades we perform in Metairie, Gretna, and Covington, Louisiana. But some people think they can get the same results with DIY workmanship. This simply isn’t true, and leads to problems down the road - literally and metaphorically.

A subpar DIY on your window tint installation can leave you with ineffective, unappealing, and illegal results.

Yes, you read that right. You can have illegal window tinting in New Orleans.

Because we are such big advocates of window tinting in New Orleans, we’ve taken our time to get to know the car window tinting laws and regulations to keep our customers driving happily, carefree, and out of trouble with the law.

Car window tinting in New Orleans is governed by a number of laws and has been since 1993. The laws are in place to keep drivers safe and reduce dark windows obstructing the view of the road. It’s important for drivers or the window tint installation crew to know these laws and adhere to them when your tint is installed. You can count on Mobile One Auto Sound to ensure your tint is legal and properly installed.

What Are New Orleans Window Tinting Laws?

The Louisiana state laws include specifications for many factors, including visual light transmission (VLT). This is a measure of the light that travels through your windows, put in place for driver safety. Sometimes, rules can differ for different types of vehicles, but the general window tint regulations stay the same:

  • Darkness - Non-reflective tint is only allowed above the marked AS-1 line on the windshield. Otherwise, reflective tint must be used on all other areas of the windshield. Front side windows cannot exceed 60 percent light blockage, but rear windows have much more blocking allowance. On sedans, back side windows are permitted to block up to 75 percent light and rear windows up to 88 percent of light. SUVs and vans are free to have any level of blockage on all rear windows.

  • Reflection - Unlike the darkness regulations, reflection restrictions are much more universal. Simply put, all window tint in New Orleans and greater Louisiana must be less than 20 percent reflective.

These are the most relevant regulations to general window tinting installation, but there are a few other minor restrictions to remember as well:

  • No tint restriction on side mirrors

  • Red and amber are prohibited colors

  • Window tinting film must be certified

  • There must be a sticker between the film and the glass on the driver’s side window confirming the legality of the tint

  • No medical exemptions for window tinting in New Orleans

What Are the Penalties for Illegal Window Tinting in New Orleans?

If police determine your DIY window tinting isn’t within legal limits, you’ll be mandated to remove the window tint at your own expense and pay fines. Fines are usually enforced as such:

  • First offense = $150

  • Second offense = $250

  • All subsequent offenses = $350

Come See the Pros to Avoid Broken Laws with Your Window Tinting

With so many different options and restrictions for window tinting, it is best to have some guidance from an expert to complete your window tint installation. We are always willing to help you identify the best products for your car and help walk you through the window tinting process. We’re more than just simply installers; our New Orleans audio shop takes pride in being advisors and experts on the solutions we provide for your vehicle. We sell and install other accessories as well, including: car stereos, car speaker systems, remote starts, car security solutions, and more. Don’t hesitate to visit Mobile One for your other auto accessory needs.

With three locations, we are conveniently located throughout the area so you always have access to window tinting experts in New Orleans. Call one of our locations if you have any tinting questions or concerns, or you’re looking to upgrade any of your other car accessories:

  1. Covington - (985) 809-0172

  2. Gretna - (504) 454-5104

  3. Metairie - (504) 888-4922

We also have a tool for our customers to contact us online for help as well, so you have plenty of ways to get the help you need. Don’t hesitate to let the experts at Mobile One Auto Sound help you get your vehicle tailored to your liking and ensure your window tint is perfectly legal.

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