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Keep Your Car Safe With Upgraded Accessories in New Orleans

Our Top Picks to Keep Your Vehicle Safe 24/7

At Mobile One Auto Sound, we love a great car audio installation, but we know there are other important ways to upgrade your vehicle. Aftermarket safety accessories are the best way to improve your driving confidence and protect your family during your daily commute. From dash cams to a remote start in New Orleans. Check out our top picks to add extra safety features to your vehicle for a less stressful drive.

Lay Off Your Lead-Foot With Radar Detectors

Radar detectors are devices that detect radio waves in the wavelengths of X, K, Ka, and Ku, which are often used by police vehicles. If you have trouble with speeding, installing a radar detector can prevent you from getting hefty fines and troublesome tickets. They work in all weather, and our experts at Mobile One Auto Sound can install them quickly.

You might not think of a radar detector for a car as a safety device, but it can actually save you from having a terrible accident. If you’re like most people, you hit the brakes in a panic when you see a police car. This can lead to a terrible accident. A radar detector will warn you about an upcoming police vehicle, so you can continue to drive stress-free.

Wait, Are Radar Detectors for Cars Legal in Louisiana?

Yes! Radar detectors are legal in every U.S. state for vehicles in under 10,000 pounds, except for Virginia and Washington. However, the use of a radar detector should never influence your choice to speed.

Mobile One Auto Sound always recommends staying with the designated speed limit for your safety and the safety of others.

Dash Cams Have Your Back On and Off the Road

You’ve seen the viral videos that show incredible things that happen to people while they drive, but dash cams offer much more than entertainment. They can give you supporting evidence whenever you're in a car accident or if your vehicle is stolen. For instance, a dash cam can come in handy when you have to park on the street.

Not only will it deter thieves from breaking into your car, but it can catch hit-and-run drivers who sideswipe your vehicle and take off. Many dash cams have motion detectors that send a message to your smartphone when activated. In fact, you can get a dash cam installation that features multiple cameras, GPS positioning, and cloud storage for videos you want to keep.

Should I Do a DIY Dash Cam Installation?

There are many big box stores that sell DIY dash cam installation kits, but there is no guarantee they will work reliably. Dash cams come in a variety of styles and sizes, and proper installation is key to catching as much footage as possible with your camera system.

Our experts at Mobile One Auto Sound can make sure your dash cam activates when it’s supposed to and install your dash cam without adding annoying wire clutter in your car.

Backup Cameras and Blind Spot Cameras to Upgrade an Older Vehicle

If you drive an older vehicle, you probably don’t have a backup or blind spot camera. Starting in 2018, all new cars must be manufactured with a backup camera, in order to prevent accidents with pedestrians. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) aims to protect children and adults who aren’t easily seen in the mirrors of your car, blind spots, or out of the back window.

Blind spot cameras are the perfect way to eliminate the guesswork for constantly checking your mirrors while driving your vehicle. Not only will you be able to see in areas you normally would need to maneuver your body to see, you’ll be reducing the risk of an accident occurring when you change lanes. Many blind spot cameras and monitoring systems are so sophisticated they can steer you back into the center of the lane.

Are Camera Systems Just for Luxury Vehicles?

It might seem like only high-end vehicles can have advanced camera systems, but Mobile One Auto Sound is here to show you that every vehicle can be equipped with these incredible safety features.

We know how to upgrade your older automobile, so it meets today’s modern safety standards, and you feel protected on the road. Just contact one of our three locations, and one of our team members will help you with safety cameras, monitors, sensors, and more!

Don’t Wait for Trouble and Get Remote Start Installation

Whether it’s another hot day in Louisiana or you’re visiting friends in a cooler climate, remote start installation comes with a variety of benefits. One of them is safety. That’s because when extreme temperatures strike, you don’t have to leave yourself or your car vulnerable to danger when waiting for the inside of your car to reach a comfortable climate.

With a remote start in New Orleans, you can turn your car on with the click of a button. You don’t have to worry about leaving your keys in the ignition, and you don’t have to sit inside your car for a long period of time, which can open the opportunity for someone to steal your vehicle.

You Can Start Your Car With Your Phone

Remote starts of the past required a separate key fob for you to use them. Now, you can integrate your remote start with your remote locking capabilities. Take your upgrade a step further and get a remote start installation that allows you to start your vehicle with your smartphone.

Don’t just turn to any mechanic for your remote start, because the complicated wiring takes experience to install. Call your trusted installers at Mobile One Auto Sound, so your remote start installation is done correctly the first time.

Window Tint to Save Your Skin and Your Valuables

Like remote starts, an excellent window tint installation carries several benefits. Window tint keeps you protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays and helps regulate the temperature of the interior of your car. Did you also know window tint protects the belongings in your vehicle, too? With a dark tint, potential thieves can’t see the important things inside your car and will move onto a less protected vehicle.

You can also rely on your window tint to save the quality of your interior features. For instance, heat and UV rays can fade the color of and ruin the texture of your upholstery. Window tint blocks up to 99% of UV rays and keeps your car cooler, which means you don’t have to worry about hot leather on cool skin, while also keeping the interior of your car looking good for years to come.

Do I Really Need a Professional for Window Tint Installation?

If you don’t want your window tint to look uneven or have creases and bubbles, you need to get your installation from a professional. While window tint installation seems like a simple process, it’s actually very difficult to cut tint to your vehicle’s exact dimensions. Add in a smooth application without ugly bubbles or seams, and a flawless DIY application is nearly impossible. At Mobile One Auto Sound, we take our installs seriously, and install window tint perfectly every time.

Get Upgraded in New Orleans and Many More Auto Solutions at Mobile One Auto Sound

Remote starts, dash cams and window tinting are amazing aftermarket upgrades you can add today and there are more options at Mobile One Auto Sound. Come in today and learn more with one of certified technicians. Your vehicle will be it’s safest with a combination of our incredible safety products. Never worry about the safety of your family, because Mobile One Auto Sound has the experts to install cameras, sensors, remote starts, and everything you need to feel protected while you’re driving.

We also have several ways for you to purchase our products and pay for our professional installations, so you don’t have to worry about your bank account either. Schedule a consultation for your vehicle by contacting us online, or by calling our Metairie shop at (504) 454-5104, our location in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our store in Gretna at (504) 366-1127.

Talk to a member of our team about how you can install rear seat entertainment in your vehicle, so you can quiet the chaos in the backseat and focus on the road!

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Jun 09, 2023

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