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Light Up the New Year With Aftermarket Car Lighting

How LED Lights for Cars Can Make Your Drive Easier

Don’t spend another night driving without being able to see everything on the road and outfit your ride with aftermarket car lighting. LED lights are a great way to get long-lasting lightning for an optimal drive. Read this quick guide on LED lights for cars, so you can always see where you’re going and let others see you coming!

LED Headlights are the Only Way to Light Up the Road

Do you suffer from poor night vision or just wish your headlights did a better job illuminating the road? Then you need to install LED headlights. These lights produce bright light, without requiring a lot of power. Plus, they look cool, too! Check out all the reasons you need to upgrade your old halogen headlights to LED lights:

  • LED headlights are brighter than halogen lights and are 90% more efficient

  • They last much longer than halogens

  • You get a brighter white with LED headlights

  • LED headlights cast a wider pattern on the road

Fun Fact: LED light bulbs are much smaller than traditional halogen headlights, which means you have more room for design and customization. You can even have LED lights installed in the interior of your car.

Show Off Your Tires and Rims With Aftermarket Car Lighting

If you paid a lot of money for your rims and tires, it’s time to show them off with LED wheel lights. Your rims will spin and so will heads, when you install LED wheel rings. You can find oversized wheel lights for large rims or get light fitted onto older models.

Quality LED wheel lights need to be installed around your brake rotor and attached to the brake dust shield. Avoid making an expensive mistake with your vehicle’s brakes and electrical system by getting your aftermarket car lighting installed by an expert.

Fun Fact: You can control the color of your LED wheel lights through a bluetooth controller, so you can customize your lights to complement the favorite parts of your car.

LED Rock Lights Let You See the Road Like Never Before

Off-road enthusiasts use rock lights to provide extra visibility, but they also offer extra light for people who like to stick to streets and highways. They are installed underneath your car, so you can see rocks and debris that may be hazardous to your drive.

Rock lights are usually dust-proof, shock-proof, and water-proof. Which means they can handle whatever life throws at them, and off-roading at night just got a lot more exciting! These LED lights for cars are easy to install. However, you will have to drill holes in your vehicle to securely install your rock lights.

Fun Fact: Rock lights can be customized at the touch of a button. You can choose your favorite color, something more suitable for nighttime off-roading, or show off your rock lights in strobe mode.

Aftermarket Car Lighting Lets You Get More Out of Your Outdoor Experience

Light bars are another way to light up the road at night. Not only do they look great installed on your vehicle, they are perfect for when you need to illuminate an area at night like a campsite. They can be installed on your brush guard, front bumper, grill, or even your roof.

Some light bars aren’t made with LEDs, which can drain the battery in your automobile. So, make sure you’re getting the right light bar before you hit the “buy now” button. To get a light bar that works best with your vehicle, visit your nearest aftermarket auto accessory store to speak with an expert.

Fun Fact: Not sure where you’ve seen a light bar before? Police cars and other emergency vehicles use light bars on their roofs to display flashing emergency lights.

Always Check Your Local and State Laws Before Installing Aftermarket Car Lighting

Aftermarket car lighting is an amazing way to upgrade your ride, but some lights aren’t street legal. For instance, wheel lights, fog lights, and auxiliary lights can’t be turned on while you’re driving on city streets and highways. This is because LED lights for cars are too bright or distracting to other drivers and might end up causing an accident.

The best way to know if your aftermarket car lighting is legal for the streets, talk to your favorite auto solution expert. They spend all day professionally installing aftermarket car parts and are an authority on LED lights for cars.

Tell Me Where I Can Find Quality Car LED Lights Near Me?

Whether you’re ready to upgrade your old headlights with LED headlights or just want LED lights to show off your vehicle, Mobile One Auto Sound is your top source for aftermarket car lighting! We carry Heise LED lights, which are exclusively designed to meet international standards for aftermarket LED lights for cars.

Light up the night with LED headlights, rock lights, wheel lights, and more when you visit Mobile One. Call our store in Covington at (985) 809-0172, our Gretna shop at (504) 366-1127, our Metairie location at (504) 454-5104, or contact us online to learn how our auto solutions can improve your drive. Ask us how we can soundproof your car with car stereo upgrades and sound damping, too!

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