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Our Favorite Accessories for Summer Road Trips in New Orleans

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Aftermarket Car Accessories for a Fun Summer

Who doesn’t love taking a long road trip with friends and family in the summer? We grew up taking trips with the family and continue to enjoy summer road trips with our families to this day. That’s why those of us at Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans, LA have compiled a list of our favorite accessories for summer road trips.

Rear-seat entertainment

Whether you’re traveling with the kids or have some of your friends riding in the back seat, you’ll want to have some suitable entertainment to keep them from getting bored and falling asleep. If your car already has rear-seat entertainment monitors set up for backseat viewing, then you’re one step ahead of the game. Set up a movie and your backseat passengers will be entertained for hours!

But what if your car doesn’t have rear-seat entertainment already installed? No problem, you can easily customize your car and install rear-seat entertainment systems. It’s true, car upgrades can get costly. But with aftermarket car accessories, you can get the same quality at a fraction of the cost. These parts come from third-party manufacturers and can save you tons of money, all while maintaining superior quality.


A great audio system can make an enormous difference to both driver and passengers when you’re on a long road trip. If your car doesn’t already come with the perfect audio system, including the radio interface or speakers, don’t worry!

Again, check out aftermarket car accessories for great discounts on quality parts. Having speakers with good, robust sound and a radio that lets your passengers stream music will make all the difference.

Who doesn’t love to blast their favorite song with friends on a hot summer day trip to the beach? A good tip is to start with just a few extra speakers - you may be surprised at how significant the change in audio is with just two additional speakers.

Remote start

Aside from installing fun entertainment systems, keeping your car cool and comfortable is a must. Nobody wants to jump into a hot car in the middle of a warm summer afternoon. One quick and easy accessory to help you combat the hot summer air is a remote start feature for your car.

A remote start installation is relatively inexpensive. With remote start, you can start up your car from the comfort of your home and know that your vehicle’s interior will be cool and comfortable when you’re ready to go.

Pair the remote start feature with window tints! Window tints will help keep the heat out of your car with absolutely no effort on your part. Louisiana guidelines for window tinting are fairly lenient, allowing your back windows to let in only 25% of light with your front windows letting in 40% of light, easily keeping the heat out of your car.

Backup cams

Backup cams are fast becoming a necessary safety feature. With all the blind spots in vehicles, having that backup camera can make a tremendous difference. For example, let’s say you’ve just arrived at the mall with your friends after driving for a few hours. You want to fix your parking, but it’s the middle of summer and the parking lot is packed. Normally, one of your friends would have to get out and help you backup to avoid hitting another car or a pedestrian. But with a backup cam, your friend can stay in the comfort of your car while you see who is directly behind you right there on the camera! And, paired with your car’s mirrors, you have a lot less of a blind spot. There will still be some blind spots, but backing up will be so much easier.

Getting a backup cam probably isn’t as expensive as you’d think, especially with aftermarket car accessories found at Mobile One Auto Sound in New Orleans, Louisiana. Do yourself a favor and install one of these today. You’ll be surprised how useful this feature is and you’ll never want to go back to not having it.

We hope this list of our favorite summer accessories has given you some ideas and will help you have a more fun and comfortable summer road trip. From rear-seat entertainment to remote start upgrades, you and your passengers can have the time of your lives on even the longest road trips.

Riding with friends and family should be fun, and here at Mobile One Auto Sound, we know exactly how to make it so. Now, get out there and hit the road!

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