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Safety First!

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Everyone wants to look good and sound good, but keeping you, your family, and your ride safe and damage-free should always be your first priority. Add an immediate layer of safety to your commute – read how below.


Backup Cameras

Eliminate blind spots, preventing you from backing into people, animals, property, and other cars.

  1. Parking lanes help backing into spaces

  2. Mount to rear bumper or license plate frame, depending on your preference

  3. Real-time video feed to your in-dash receiver, dash monitor, rearview mirror, or even smartphone


Dashboard Cameras

Record every detail that takes place both on the road and inside the car.

  1. First-hand evidence in case of accident, theft, and vandalism

  2. Helps keep an eye on your kids and the car when they take it “for a quick spin”

  3. New 360° dashcams now available

  4. Record road trips and scenery


Sensors & Complete Blindspot Detection Systems

Next-level safety for 100% coverage

Radar-based sensors detect vehicles, people, and objects heading your way.

  1. Forward-Collision Warning

  2. Blind-Spot Warning

  3. Lane-Departure Warning

  4. Comprehensive systems can combine camera and sensor data to make sure you’re never caught off guard


Car and Driver Monitoring

Stay in the know, wherever they go! Keep an eye on kids, siblings, or employees while also tracking any vehicle warnings

  1. Location tracking via GPS

  2. Create virtual boundaries and receive alerts for when they’re crossed

  3. Car “health” status – get alerts for low tire pressure, oil change, etc.

  4. Collision and theft alerts

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